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Comment Re:Great. :( (Score 1) 484

I've never had any problems with my three succeeding Nokia phones used as alarm clock myself. In 9 years And I relied exclusively on that. Android does the trick now, with virtually no problems in sight, except when I erroneously set the volume of the alarm to 0 (that was my bad actually). It has not been long enough for me to "rely" on it, so my Nokia phone without a sim sits near my bed "just in case", I would be doing that too if I had an iPhone for just a few months.

Comment Re:Double Bastard (Score 1) 379

You apparently do not understand how an EMP works.

You apparently have no sense of scale.

From the article:

Beyond a certain altitude a nuclear weapon will not produce any EMP, as the gamma rays will have had sufficient distance to disperse. In deep space or on worlds with no magnetic field (the moon or Mars for example) there will be little or no EMP.

The altitude in question is not given, unfortunately. But altitudes given as examples are 300 miles at their maximum, geosynchronous satellites are 20,000 miles high. That's more than 60 times the height.

Power varies with 1/(x^2) where x is the distance of the blast. 60 times the distance means 60^2 times less power to reach upper atmosphere where the EMP is emitted. That's 3,600. I'm pretty sure it won't do anything.

Comment Re:Double Bastard (Score 1) 379

Geostationary satellite is 22,000 miles high. A nuclear explosion the magnitude of human-built devices will do a lot less harm to the upper atmosphere than the sun does continuously. Geostationary orbit is 165,000 miles in circumference. The closest satellites from Galaxy-15 are Americom-10 and Americom-11 and are both two degrees of longitude away from Galaxy-15 (that would be approximately between 900 and 1000 miles away!

So, the radiation field will cause no damage to other satellites and the upper atmosphere.

I am not aware of any treaties stopping the USA from nuking its own satellites.

It would still be completely impractical to use nuclear weapons in this case, just sending a rocket would be enough. Very expensive though.

Comment Re:Apples website in general (Score 1) 247

So, others are even worse, it make Apple great?

When was it a comparison with other devices? I honestly don't know if it's good or not to have full details on every single piece of hardware in a smartphone. I would certainly like to have those details, personally, because I like knowing what I buy. I understand that the basic consumer doesn't want to know anything technical, and that he only wants the device to work. I understand that there is a middle ground to be found, and I don't really care, as long as I can read technical developer's documentation.

Details, Apple. You do not have them.

"Look at the others, they're doing it even worse", isn't, and never will be a valid argument, This is not a comparison to other devices. It's a statement about Apple. You did not refute this statement.

Comment Re:[sigh] (Score 1) 457

It's funny, when its in their favor, Apple fanboys here talk about the iPhone outselling every other phone (though it's not)...

No, people say it's the most popular, most in demand, best, etc. Not one person has said the iPhone outsells all other smart phones. It's just biased people like you who read it that way.

I've heard people say it exactly like that, I don't care if it's true or false, but some fanboys are quick to draw the "iPhone outsells every other phone", hopefully, not every single one of you does that.

Steve Jobs himself, in the iPad keynote said something of the like "Apple is the first seller of mobile platforms in the world", of course, he was talking about revenue in both phones and laptops, so that actually might be true, given the high price of the Apple hardware, but the point is, this topic exists out there. Some say that without doubt, iPhone is powerful in the market, the GGP is however very reserved on that issue.

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