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Comment Re:"I knew Obamacare would be bad..." (Score 1) 501

Wow! I'm one of the lucky ones. The company I work for is small enough that it doesn't even have to offer health insurance to the employees, but it does. In fact, it pays 100% of my Blue Cross/Blue Shield, including dental coverage. Right now (it may change a bit in the future - it always does) my copay for a doctor is $30, my copay for a specialist is $50, my deductible is $300, and after that it pays 80%. . It's the sole reason I'm going to work there as long as I can before having to switch to Medicare.

If 0bama fucks with my insurance, I say we lock him in a room with Miley Cyrus and make him listen to her "sing" until he agrees to appeal the ACA.

Comment The code is perfect (Score 1) 382

Because the system was designed to fail, the website is doing exactly what it was planned to do. When 0bamacare doesn't work, then the government (both parties) can claim that only a single-payer system can possibly work.

There's no going back to the way things used to be -- that's why 0bamacare was rolled out in stages over a period of years. We can't go back now. The Supreme Court was our last, best hope and they failed us royally.

Once government runs all of our health care system, anything they want to outlaw will be done through the health care system. Like to snowboard? If you're injured, you won't be covered. Own a gun? That's too dangerous; you'll have to give it up. Skydive? You're kidding me, right? Like fast food? Now try to find it. Yes, you can say I'm exaggerating, but that's what happens when bureaucrats get hold of legislation. They justify their jobs by coming up with more and more regulations, and they know they can't be held accountable. Imagine Bloomberg times infinity.

If I live long enough (I'm 60), I'll come back just to say I told you so.

Comment No, still junk (Score 1) 577

Watch the Crockford videos. There's at lease 8 hours of stuff you don't know or else you'd never say such silly things.

I blackholed java.com, it was all I could do to keep that damn virus from coming back. Loading it transparently is naughty.

What do I miss? Holy shit, absolutely nothing. And XP stays up for months now. Golly. It's no FreeBSD, but hey anything longer than a day and you were living on borrowed time before.

Comment Re:Obama is at fault clearly (Score 1, Informative) 358

It's not a temper tantrum. It's the way it works under the Constitution (ever read it?). Spending bills originate in the House. They control spending. If they don't want to fund a particular insane law, then so be it. It's up to the Senate to end this shutdown.

Harry Reid asked what gives the House the right to pick and choose what gets funded. Well, Harry, it's called the Constitution and it works when idiot politicians don't ignore it.

Comment Re:A computer that works like the human brain? (Score 1) 251

Didn't RTFA but there is nothing stopping them from building a massively parallel, electronic, analog machine composed of a large number of heavily interconnected pattern recognizers with the ability to self modify.

Then the only challenge is for it to learn how to learn and then to actually learn.

Some of the mechanisms evolution developed to create the human brain may well not be optimal so humans probably can do better once they understand how the basic mechanisms works which they increasingly do.

Comment Do ya believe now? (Score 1) 668

Now that you have information and opinion from a non-Foxnews site, do you all believe?

This country is moving towards authoritarianism, and BOTH parties are guilty. This is what happens when politicians make a career out of holding office. They don't care about anything or anyone; all they care about is keeping their power and to hell with the citizens. The servants have become the masters.

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