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Comment Re:without any humans ever having been involved (Score 1) 898

Wow, you appear to live very close to me as well! The intersection at Fair Oaks and the 101 South exit is HORRIBLE. I've written the city about it several times. In addition to short yellows, there is a serious bicycle safety issue.

  I ride my bicycle through that intersection in the mornings to work. There is NO guided-left turn for any of the 4-way intersection, yet the people taking a left from Fair Oaks to try to make the IMMEDIATE exit onto 101 pay no attention to right of way. I've almost been run into multiple times by folks who don't realize that traffic going STRAIGHT through the intersection have right of way over folks trying to make a left!

I ended up altering my bike route to instead go over a pedestrian overpass and go an extra half-mile rather than continue risking that intersection.

Of course, I never, ever heard back from the city.

Comment Re:I love the space program but ... (Score 1) 405

I see your point, but I have to point out that as of now, the bailouts have never put anything directly into the treasury either - so both NASA and the Bailouts have never put anything into the treasury. While the bailouts may, they also may not.

My chart doesn't really compare NASA to the bailout as much as it illustrates where NASA is prioritized according to other federal spending, and by what margins. The reason I created it is that I get tired of hearing people talk as though cutting the space program (which to them means "NASA") would solve our financial woes. It won't.

NASA in entirety is .5% of the discretionary budget (.15% of total budget). While cutting funds to NASA would make as much of a difference to the budget as cutting funds from any other federal agency, there is a lot less room in NASA's budget for the cuts compared to other agencies which have equally nebulous direct benefit to the taxpayer.

Are $2.4 billion in military aid to Israel or $1.3 billion to Egypt returning any net to the treasury, or a tangible benefit to the US taxpayer, even indirectly?

Look, I understand that not everyone values Science research and space exploration, or believe that they should be done by the government. However, for nearly every tax dollar you can point to NASA spending, there's likely some indirect but tangible and provable positive gain to our country, citizens and economy that have resulted from it. Meanwhile, there are programs of dubious value spending as much or more money than NASA which get a complete pass on the pinata whacking party, and it is very sad to be on the receiving end of the stick, knowing that.


Submission + - Vonage ordered to pay Verizon $58M

head_dunce writes: "A federal jury on Thursday found that Internet phone carrier Vonage Holdings Corp. had infringed on Verizon Communications Inc.'s patents and ordered Vonage to pay $58 million. Still undetermined is whether Vonage will be barred from using Verizon's technology. Following the verdict, attorneys for New York-based Verizon requested a permanent injunction barring Vonage from further use of the patented technology."
Hardware Hacking

Embedded Linux Hardware Resources? 37

jessecurry asks: "I've recently come up with a conceptual Linux based piece of hardware and have been able to find a huge amount of information regarding getting Linux on to a device, but almost nothing about creating the device itself. I'd like to know if there are any books, online guides, or software that would help in designing a device that would accept some flavor of Linux. I really don't want to go 'off the shelf', but I need something that can at least display graphics, respond to positional input, and play sound. Also, is there a good place to have all of these components put together once I have a finalized design?"

Submission + - Tesla's plan in action

parcanman writes: "In North Attleboro Massachusetts, this house was built about 25 feet from 345,000-volt power lines. The house isn't connected to power service, but touching any metal object will still give you a shock. The guy even hooked a multimeter up to his metal sink and got 58 volts."

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