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Comment I'm just glad when they don't say geek! (Score 1) 736

Wow, I only wish they would stop saying computer geeks! I have been in the industry over 25 years, as both a programmer and an IT person. I would love it if people would refer to me as an "IT Professional" or even "IT Guy". Wherever it is you have been working you sure get a lot more respect than I have seen people in this industry get over the years. On a related note, an Information Technology Professional is not even an acknowledged profession to many people. I own a VAR and IT Consulting business and customers are always asking me "What does IT mean" if I happen to mention that we provide professional IT services. My clientelle are primarily in the SMB space as well as Doctors, Dentists, Accountants and other professionals with generally accepted designations. Those professionals don't see IT people as "professionals" at all since they don't have a "professional body" or "college" that oversees their designation. So, my answer to your query is this; Be happy somebody will even refer to you as something other than Computer Geek. Being call "IT"-anything is a big show of respect.

Comment Schedule? What's that? (Score 1) 753

Are you trying to tell me that some person somewhere actually sits in front of a TV and watches a show at it's scheduled time? I dunno about other scifi fans in the world, but myself and pretty much everyone I know downloads their favs and watches them when they have time and when it is convenient. I certainly don't stay up until 2am but have never missed an episode of Poker After Dark, for example. Also, I'm an "old guy" at 41 and have to think younger folks then me are downloading for sure. I watch BSG, Dollhouse, Sarah Connor and other shows who's actual "airtime" I honestly could not now, and never in the past could tell you. I don't even know what day those shows are on. I suppose it is the same day they show up in the torrents, but I don't even really notice that. When they show up, I download 'em. Once night a week my wife and I watch the few shows we like from a USB key on my DIVX-capable set-top DVD player. The only actual broadcast TV users in my house are my 4 kids and one of them almost never watches either. The networks should just face the facts and make everything on-demand. Then even I might watch a show for the full hour with commercials rather than the very time saving 42 minutes.

Comment WOW! You're all fired! (Score 3, Insightful) 310

Work at work. Put in an 8 hour day and go home. Play on your own time. What isn't obvious about this? And yes, I manage technical people, first as a Manager of IT and then as a CIO. My employees are happy. Maintain a decent work/life balance for your employees and nobody will want outrageous crap like this. Don't promise clients the moon and make your people work 80 hour weeks.

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