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Comment Re:Who said it was anti-technology? (Score 0) 870

It's not anti-technology. It was pro-technology: the scientists were the good guys, for once. I think this is a watershed of big-budget scientists-are-good. So any movie about war is anti-technology? If you're anti-climate science I can see you feeling that it's against your anti-science world view, because "treehuggers" are seen in a positive light. But that's your "feelings." I like trees. You should too.

Comment I hear ya... (Score 0) 888

Yeah... well... so like I've been sort of... hanging out a lot after work, you know, and like... well I've sort of hooked up with some lush trim and like, my wife finds out and she like, tries to take a golf club to my head and so like I crashed my SUV, sort of. Anyway, I think it's like getting out and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for the on-line portion. i can handle the other stuff, I'm just worried about the on-line stuff YouTubes and stuff.

Comment They didn't want some who was "too hip..." (Score 1) 776 the way today's Wall Street Journal characterized the choice of Jerry Seinfeld. The king of syndication must be happy he's not "too hip." I'm sure Steve Ballmer personally nixed anyone who might be "too hip." But the best part in the WSJ was how the campaign will explain how Microsoft's incorporating other software company's ideas into their products enhances the future user experience. I, for one, can't wait.

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