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Comment Re:Disgusting (Score 0, Troll) 848

So since you are also trying to influence politicians (by posting this message), should you also be thrown into jail for life? Lobbying is just telling politicians what your interests are. Which is necessary and healthy in a democracy (in moderation!).

That is not to say that was is going on here is right. But you can't just blanket condemn all "lobbying".

Comment A functional language like ML would work well (Score 1) 332

I have always thought a functional language like ML or Haskell would work well in a spreadsheet.

The compact functional code would visually fit well in a cell expression. And functional concepts like map and foldr would fit would work great for aggregating columns.

Also, it is insane that Excel does not have regular expression functions. Regular expression search/replace would work sooo well in a spreadsheet.

Comment Re:Banking passwords are overrated (Score 3, Informative) 195

> Not once have I seen one where you could actually use the online system to arbitrarily move money outside the account owner's accounts.

Huh? Just go to "transfer money", write the account number of the receiver and the amount, and off the money goes.

At least that is how it works here in Denmark. Very handy, too. Is the US still using personal paper checks?

Comment Re:What is the best AMD device for Linux? (Score 2) 117

This page is your friend:

Don't buy a 7xxx (Southern Islands) or (I assume) a 8xxx (Sea Islands) card, since they don't have open source 3D drivers for Linux; a 6xxx graphics card is the best bet (Northern Islands). For integrated graphics, I suppose the 2012 A series trinity should work, since it is based on the well-supported Northern Islands GPU.

Comment Re:Because there's already an LTS Ubuntu: Debian (Score 1) 222

Debian is no substitute for Ubuntu LTS. If you look at , Debian releases have generally only been supported for 3 years. Ubuntu LTS is supported for 5 years. The extra 2 years of not being forced to dist-upgrade a stable working system just to get security upgrades are very useful!

Comment Re:The hole is only relevant to the Java plugin? (Score 4, Insightful) 265

Standalone Java apps already have full arbitrary code execution and full access to the system. What would be the point of using an exploit to gain access to a system you can already access. If you are running a standalone Java app, you have already chosen to trust the code completely, unlike a sandboxed app in a browser.

Comment Re:TURKTRUST's explanation (Score 2) 75

In summary, they claim that a testing profile (which creates intermediate certificates) on a test system were accidentally copied to a production system, and in effect for two days. The MitM * cert is claimed to be have been automatically issued by a Checkpoint firewall once a CA cert is installed, without intention from the owner of the accidental CA cert.

So TURKTRUST claims it has all been an accident.

Comment Re:In Linux drivers, Intel is still king. (Score 2) 161

While AMD is releasing documentation, Intel is releasing actual open source drivers. And now that Intel's graphics hardware is no longer a complete joke, Intel is becoming a real alternative for some users.

AMD is still better than NVIDIA, which doesn't release documentation.

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