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Comment Re:If they don't like it (Score 1) 687

Hold on. Did you seriously just compare modelling at tech conferences to mining in underground caverns? Did you just compare death by noxious gas, cave-in, or suffocation to *models*not liking that they are *getting looked* at?

The job of a model is to make whatever is being modeled attractive to those that might be a consumer. If you feel that making items appear attractive is sexist, why the hell would you get into the modelling industry. Let's look at the very first quote from one of the models for some insight into exactly why:

"But the work is pretty relaxed and you don't have to do a lot in order to get paid."

Complaining about being stared at for these women is like a call center employee complaining about having to speak to so many damn callers. Any physical contact or lewd suggestions from the consumers is completely inappropriate and should be prosecuted if it falls in the realm of illegal. And doubly so for their employers. But for a model to complain about getting stared at it is ridiculous.

Comment Re:Presumption of Innocense == Reason (Score 1) 153

Evidence that is not admissible in a court of law may very well be admissible in the court of common sense.

I do agree with the general position of listening to the courts to determine if someone is guilty or innocent, but that is not always the best place to look. The best example, IMHO, is the MLB steroids debacle. Nobody was convicted in a court of law of steroid use, but I know damn well that a large number of MLB players are guilty of that crime. And there are multiple reports to point out which ones.

Comment Re:Just a matter of time... (Score 1) 348

With this, its just a matter of time before these "predicted" red light runners are ticketed for their "pre-crime".... We slide further down the slope that Huxley warned us about....

Or you could take off your tin foil hat and realize it could be used as a safety feature in cars. If you are sitting at an intersection, and the system detects a probable red light runner approaching, it could warn you to not enter the intersection too quickly.

Comment Not replaceable (Score 1) 141

I am all for instant replay and using as much tech as possible to determine EXACTLY what happened at the plate and in the field of play.

But I don't believe that the foreseeable future holds any means of calling a balk.

It isn't the usual calls that are the problem. It is the infrequent ones. Balk. Infield-fly rule. Base runner interference. Batter interfering with the catcher's throw. Pitcher doctoring the ball. Batter using too much pine tar.

These little elements are rules just outside of what could be programmed, IMHO.

Comment Re:Putin (Score 1) 195

I would DEFINITELY care if a yeti was wearing a shirt!

That would mean that not only do Yeti exist, but that they potentially have an entire manufacturing/industrial/economic system that we can corrupt and destroy for our own profits!

Guilt free, even!

Comment Re:Thus spoke Ben (Score 1) 553

Using your real identity or having a pseudonym that can easily be linked to your real identity makes people behave in a more cooperative and constructive way because they could be held accountable for their words.

It also means that my employer or potential employer can trace back to some posts I make regarding being an atheist and my disdain for both political parties.

Regardless of how intelligently or politely I may have spoken on these two topics and how little these topics have to do with my ability to perform well at my job, it could provide reasons for that potential employer to not hire me.

I like my being able to speak truthfully and respectfully without fearing retaliation from people that may or may not respect the message I am trying to deliver.

Comment Re:Uhh... (Score 1) 1017

I bet we agree on a lot more than is coming across in this thread. What the biggest problem may be is that neither of us actually saw what happened. You describe her as losing her shit. TFA said that she had an attitude and used profanity.

Without end-to-end footage of the incident, we won't know. If she sternly stated to get the fuck away from her daughter, would you consider that disorderly conduct? I would not.

I bet that our differences might come down to just a couple of octaves...

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