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Comment Re:I Wonder... (Score 1) 372

Airplane mode was created by developers and hasn't been acknowledged by the FAA or any airline I know of. It has nothing to do with the regulations, which forbid any portable electronic device operation.

However, most of the time these don't quite apply to the pilots.

FAR Section 91.21
c) Any other portable electronic device that the operator of the aircraft has determined will not cause interference with the navigation or communication system of the aircraft on which it is to be used.

Comment Re:Electronics (Score 2) 372

Let me google that for you. I know, it's an arduous ten seconds compared to just making up bullshit about what 'many people you know' have done.

FAR Section 91.21

Having "rules and regulations" about the highest-powered public vehicles on the planet seems ridiculous until you use your brain for just a minute. Did the Boeing engineers design the 767 (for example) to tolerate a few hundred cell phones broadcasting alongside its avionics? Probably not, since it was produced in the early 80s. Can you personally guarantee that a 30-year-old plane will operate normally, every time under such conditions? If not, then why are you talking like you have a clue about it?

Comment Re:Now for iOS? (Score 3, Interesting) 123

Customization doesn't seem to be a terribly high priority for Apple software. Besides which, the unlocked bootloader allows one to easily violate the FCC terms, one of which forbids changing the "intended method of using the product (e.g., how the product is held or used in proximity to the body). A change to any of these factors will invalidate the FCC grant." So perhaps CM7 enabling a 270 degree screen rotation (upside-down landscape) is a gross federal violation.

Comment Re:All fucking journos must fucking die (Score 1) 52

PageRank is designed around the 'random surfer' model (15% chance to jump to a random webpage) and returns the probability that a surfer will arrive back at the same page after a large number of links. A node that only has two edges can easily have the highest PageRank.

If all they want is to find highly-connected nodes, then the Oracle of Bacon-style average length solution would work just as well.

Comment Re:Makes no sense (Score 1) 580

You think those unions have more of an effect than the fact that American society doesn't want to raise scientists and nerds? More important than the ever-slipping knowledge requirements for a given grade? Every couple of years we teach a certain age group even less than we used to, and increase the best incomes on the planet for managers and athletes. Culturally we foster ideas like, "you don't need to know this algebra" or "truth is about what you feel is right" or "if anyone makes you feel bad, just sue".
The military gets over fifteen times the federal funding that education does, because state and local taxes are supposed to pay for it? Thank god we are keeping with the resigned "some areas just deserve shitty schools" position; it really paints us as the most developed country.

Comment Re:Stupid? (Score 1) 541

How wise is it to not exercise the only collateral you have to get paid on what you are owed?

When you take out a student loan, are you pocketing the cash? No, you are immediately paying your tuition. The schools are owed nothing, they are extorting on behalf of the lender.

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