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Comment Re:Note to all governments (Score 1) 274

Amazon Internet Usage Fee.

The law says "Brick and mortar presence". It may not say "Amazon" on the front, and I'm a self-confessed Amazon fan-boy, but if you set up a 100% owned brick-and-mortar subsidiary in the state, then yeah, you owe them taxes or you need to set up in a state in which you won't. Figure out whether you come out ahead making 0% taxed sales from Texas or shipping from somewhere else.

Comment Re:Why not just wait? (Score 1) 133

That's correct. I took my GRE back in '99 or so. The reading comprehension didn't seem too tough (but I only hit a 540 if I remember correctly so I guess it was harder than I comprehended.) The other two sections were getting fairly difficult because I hit perfect 800's.

But, while adjusting an exam while you're taking it to better gauge where you stand seems useful, using something like this as an every day teaching tool is radically different and, to me, seems counter-productive.

Comment Re:Maybe there's something wrong with me... (Score 1) 133

At my college the math & physics departments were basically at war over teaching methods and decided to swap who was teaching a couple of classes. Trying to take Differential Equations from a physics professor was a complete nightmare. Not only do you need to have compatibility between students and teachers, you need a good match between teachers and their subjects. It's like saying that a good manager can manage any department whether he understands what his employees do or not.

Comment Re:Of course... (Score 1) 637

"Limited immortality" is accurate on a long enough time scale, even neglecting buses, etc. Extinction is inevitable unless we can somehow turn physics around and survive as a species after getting really, really fucking cold.

Extinction pretty much negates immortality.

Comment Re:Everyone in a courtroom has an agenda (Score 1) 140

That's hardly fair. I know enough to surrender my shoelaces so that I won't hang myself for littering. It's a Thanksgiving classic as much as 'A Wish for Wings that Work' is a Christmas classic.

Your post makes me so mad I wanna kill... I wanna kill... I want to see dead burnt bodies with blood and gore and veins in my teeth - I wanna kill!

Comment Re:Circular reasoning? (Score 3, Insightful) 123

It seems to me that cannibalism would be an evolutionary disadvantage...

In order for a species to survive, an animal only needs to survive long enough to produce children who can survive long enough to produce their own. Once you're old enough to survive to the point of reproduction, how does snacking on a parent hurt anything? In fact, if the parent isn't providing anything that helps you survive, you're just having a meal and cutting down on competition.

"It's people! You're eating PEOPLE!"

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