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Comment Try Advent Vega(AKA P10AN01) (Score 1) 356

It has the tegra 2 chipset with 3D capability. If a high-resolution webcam isn't your priority, then give the Advent Vega a try with the latest VEGACOMB ROM. Doing this certainly emphasizes the tegra's 3D capability. Here is a clear walkthru as to update the rom for it to Honeycomb 3.2 on the Advent Vega(AKA P10AN01) == VEGACOMB:
You need a USB Type A Male to Type A Male cable in order to install the ModdedStockRom V2. To save time, you need Windows XP with the Advent Vega usb drivers. Following this recipe if done correctly will bring you to VEGACOMB 3.2 update 3 in around 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

I also recommend you get the Advent Vega Docking station while you're at. I regret not getting it at first because it saves time connecting the tablet to the dock instead of to all sorts of cables for tv and usb.

Comment CarrierIQ intrusivity = 911 benefits for everyone? (Score 1) 322

We rely on the fact that CarrierIQ staff are reliable, trustworthy, vigilant and proactive. In that manner the CarrierIQ System will benefit everyone, not just the government.

Recently a man I knew passed away from a heart attack while attempting to make a 911 emergency call. He managed to dial "9" and "1", but not the final "1". The CarrierIQ system could have detected this and proactively alerted the relevant authorities. The CarrierIQ system is passively relaying data to the overseeing security/police authorities anyways so it is reasonable to request they modify the CarrierIQ system to proactively identify probable emergency scenarioes and help bring aid as soon as possible. Phones could have built-in sensors to activate and confirm the emergency scenario in order to prevent wasted resources from mobilizing.

Of course CarrierIQ has a lot of room for corruption and abuse. That's why these systems need transparency and accountability and other checks and balances. One thing is certain: the general public should pay more attention to CarrierIQ because it is so highly intrusive into our private lives.

Hats off to Trevor Eckhart for being so vigilant.

Comment Re:Repeat after me, Ubuntu is not Linux ok (Score 1) 225

Ubuntu is Linux just as much as any flavor. I've been installing and running with Ubuntu since roughly 2004.(dapper or breezy). Sure I've had issues at times with certain things, but there hasn't been an instance where I couldn't find something someone else actually resolved before I could get my hands dirty. The Launchpad and associated Ubuntu knowledge base have always come through for me. I love Debian too. But give credit where credit is due. Ubuntu has gotten snappier over time when using the same hardware. NOTICEABLY SNAPPIER. HATS OFF TO UBUNTU.

To those other guys trolling here and bad-talking ubuntu, you should be grateful the Ubuntu flavor exists as an OS alternative to try and run with. It certainly doesn't stop you from installing and running other Linux flavors.

When I purchase a new box, the first thing I'm going to do is to install the latest version of Ubuntu, and give unity a whirl. If I don't like it, I'll resort to the GNOME GUI. But if they removed my GNOME choice of gui, I'll have to resort to Debian which is fine too. I'm grateful for all these alternatives that are not MS-WINDOWS because the world needs them. All of you should be grateful for this Linux variety too.

Comment Android w/Scalable Window Managers to MID/Desk/Srv (Score 1) 152

Android has its place for Mobile Internet Device Tablets and that is Android's niche market. Full-capability Linux is the best place to be for everything at home and the office. Having Android x86 for x86-based MID's is ok, but GFLOPS/WATT rankings are yet to be seen on x86 and ARM MID's. If that happens, people will want full-capability Linux and not some restrained version of it such as Android. I find the full-screen touch menus on 5 inch display ok, but on 10 inch Android devices it seems cumbersome and immature because of the pure fact that they take up the entire touch screen real estate when they appear. That isn't necessary. People don't have 10 inch thumbs or at least not yet. The display screens are large enough, but the menus seem targeted for the smaller PIM devices. Work needs to be done to simply bring touch to full-capability Linux and make the menu/button sizes scale proportionally to bigger and smaller touch displays similar to the JAVA's GridBagLayout container and XWindow/'s container xoptions/yoptions to stretch different widgets proportionally to the size of the window. Window managers can work on bigger touch displays. It would be nice that Android could give the option to run the gnome/kde/unity window managers once the bigger displays are detected. If Android integrates gnome/kde/unity, odds are Android will also dominate the desktop for every supported architecture eventually. Android could simply be the consolidated (FEDORA/DEBIAN/UBUNTU) name-brand for the different Linux flavors. It would be easier to keep the Android Devices updated if they were using the repository update tools that already existed. Why it's not already in place is political I'm certain, but common-sense dictates this capability will happen whether the telecom companies like it or not. DIGITAL FREEDOM to the user. These devices currently have enough RAM and storage to be able to handle these capabilities.

Multi-core mobile tablets will continue grow with more cores. I don't believe it will simply replace the desktop though. Desktops with all their accessories and hardware upgradability are KING for the Do-it-yourself crowd.

Ditto for MEEGO...they should scale up and include window managers if they envision Meego/touch/scalable window managers on every device.


Comment No integrated TV for this guy (Score 1) 207

One must always be vigilant when the media-tainment industry is concerned. I won't be buying any of these integrated tv's with set-top boxes and dvr's anytime soon. The media-tainment industry is doing there best to remove our digital freedoms to record stuff and to prevent consumers to transfer their media easily to other devices that they don't manufacture or have no control over.

I won't be purchasing any "integrated TV" and I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase them either if the media consumer is concerned about their digital freedoms.


Submission + - do it yourself government assisted internet

keneng writes: Here is the idea. As Canada has been blocking new competitors for internet/wireless and wanting to let it worsen by accepting usage-based billing, something could be done to disrupt all this back to equilibrium.

I propose an association that is non-profit dedicated to cabling/connecting the entire country simply by offering free unlimited internet to those that carry the trunk lines on their property. If we do this from coast to coast, province-to-province, home-to-home, business-to-business, our internet would be free forever. All we would need to do is to upgrade the routing/hub equipment once in a while to upgrade. Where there is too much traffic, we could have the necessary hardware upgrades subsidized by the government considering it benefits all of the nation. The bottom line is everyone would have free access to the net once it's installed. I'm certain everyone would pitch in for the upgrades if asked which lightens the burden of the government to subsidize it entirely.

Comment GNU/Linux Ubuntu rocks! (Score 1) 778

And I'm certain Debian still rocks too!

Perhaps they make a few decisions some of us users may not like, but you have choices to make. You can change the source code yourself. You can report bugs to the development team telling them what you don't like. You can change distros. You can remain grateful for all that is in Ubuntu Linux and criticize constructively.

Apple product are slick, I admit, but at a price many of us can't afford and with digital restrictions included.
Windows products well....I constantly hear about people nagging about viruses on their Windows boxes and wasting all their time. One thing is certain. I don't waste my time fixing their computers because it's a lost cause. Their computers will successfully get infected again.

I prefer to simply say:
"I use Ubuntu Linux on my computer and it certainly helps me to prevent getting viruses on my computer. If you would ever want to try it or take a look at it, let me know."

Besides these days, I don't perceive myself as using Ubuntu, but living the way of Ubuntu. It's a choice of lifestyle, but it's not forced upon anybody else. When people are ready to listen, they'll ask for advice. I've learned to avoid giving advice unless it is asked for and especially when concerning lifestyle choices.
People will ask for advice when they are ready for it, but not sooner.

Comment appreciate Chinese l33t, don't spin anti-CN msgs (Score 1) 208

I can understand Slashdot mentioning this hack attack on Canadian Government.
Mentioning it pays respect and shows appreciation for the Chinese l33t hacker skills required to pull something like this off.

But having others in this troll bad mouthing Chinese people and spreading "anti-CN spin" is not appropriate.
Try living in China as a programmer with all their culture and their social status situation for a year. From what I understand, the average monthly salary for a java programmer ranges from 2000RMB to 4000RMB. Now roughly divide that by 6 to see that in US or Canadian dollars(they are almost at par these days).
333.33$ to 666.67$ A MONTH. So as a moonlighting job or a day job, if someone offered you some bonus money for doing something "cool" for individual profit-motivated reasons and not nationalistic reasons, there is a definite temptation if you want to be able to afford a house(>300,000RMB) or a car(>150,000RMB) especially when you are a single programmer still living at home with your family because that is the tradition unless you are migrant worker coming in from extreme poverty which fires up the temptation these kinds of jobs even more.

I'm not justifying the hacking, but I can certainly appreciate the Chinese l33t's level of desperation to raise their social status and to raise they quality of life.

Essentially, like all other humans on this planet, they just want a job that provides them with dignity and with an acceptable level social status.

This is a tangent but it is related because of human dignity and acceptable level social status in Canada: Here in Canada we have unemployment insurance and social welfare, but many people would agree that it fails to provide citizens with dignity and certainly fails to provide citizens with an acceptable level of social status. Do you think people on welfare feel good about it? No, they would rather be given a real job opportunity that is good fit for them. The government's current action plan fails because the gov. treats people like numbers and sends them off generic template responses with no human feelings or empathy involved. The accountability isn't there either because the emails come from a generic "GOV CANADA" email and not from "Mrs. Smith from Action Plan Canada Downtown Toronto Office, with phone number 123.234.1234" to reach a real human to resolve an individual's job crisis at-hand. I find all of this Action Plan stuff false advertising and I would like my money back because it is tax payer money and I don't think I'm getting bang for my buck for UI/WELFARE/ACTION PLAN to be honest. As a result I would predict more of these events will occur not only from China but from within Canada as well.

Comment Dissolve the CRTC and warn the Federal Court (Score 1) 104

If the court follows the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law, there's something wrong. The spirit of the law has to do with protecting the Canadian Consumer. The spirit of the law has less to do with protecting the existing old boys' market share.

Taken from the article: "Globalive, which is backed financially by Egyptian communications giant Orascom Telecom, was denied a licence in 2009 to operate by
the federal telecommunications regulator(CRTC) on the grounds that it did not meet Canadian ownership requirements for phone companies. "
I believe the Canadian citizens don't benefit from the increased competition when CRTC puts sticks in Globalive/Wind Mobile's wheels.

Again taken from the article: "Weeks later, the Harper government vetoed that decision, permitting Globalive to launch under the Wind Mobile brand. In about 14 months of operation, it has acquired more than 200,000 customers. "
I believe the Harper government did the right thing when they gave Globalive/Wind Mobile the green light to go ahead. Hats off.

I believe the Federal Court’s move to overturn this decision recently seems to confirm the fact that CRTC and the Federal Court don't represent the Canadian Citizens interest at heart. I also believe the CRTC and the Federal Court are being overtly protective and keeping the lion's share of the telco/isp/mobile market for the existing old boys' club.

I also feel the CRTC should be ashamed with the recent performance record in failing to protect Canadian consumers against rising INTERNET/TELCO costs. I'm disappointed with the Federal Court siding with the CRTC decisions. Perhaps others might agree with me that it would be in Canada's best interests to dissolve the CRTC considering all the recent data with respect to usage-based billing and thwarting off foreign competitors. Both of these actions certainly don't prevent telco/isp/mobile fees from rising through the roof.
China's consumers pay 80RMB(13$CAN)/month for GB 3G mobile 2GB(Usage-Based Billing) usage. 13$CAN may seem inexpensive it but is because you reach that cap easily before the end of one week if you use google maps with satellite view turned on. It's still very expensive. This proves UBB doesn't work elsewhere.
China's consumers pay 166.67RMB(27.78$CA)/month for domestic internet ADSL unlimited usage 6Mbps download/1Mbps upload. It's excellent service and the price is much more competitive than in Canada. The average Chinese netizen is increasingly interested in QQ, baidu, sina, youku, blogs, p2p, and net games. All of which would be grounded to a halt if it weren't for China's wise flatrate/uncapped usage internet billing policy. It works well for everyone in general.

In Canada, we need more competition. In Canada, we need lower uncapped flatrate telco/internet/mobile rates not only to keep the Canadian tech community strong, but also to encourage more worldwide collaborative synergy, world interdependence, and ultimately world peace. Recent throttling/cutting of internet across borders certainly doesn't help us to get there either.

Comment I disagree. CRTC fails to defend the Can. Citizens (Score 1) 364

The CRTC does not seem to represent the general citizen's interest. The costs are going up and not down. We will be getting less upload/download data for the money each citizen pays. Simply look at what the telecom companies are doing to make profit with mobile UBB services business model: 2GB quota plans for a month + cost/GB. That is the biggest rip-off scheme almost resembling the costly 1-976-FOR-XFUN $/call phone UBB numbers. However it's more subtle in approach because consumers aren't aware of it and we don't naturally count in terms of Gigabytes(GB). Try using Google maps in satellite mode for a week and you'll end up using your entire Mobile UBB 2GB monthly quota. For the rest of the 3 weeks you use your internet you'll be paying extra fees $$$ and you won't know it until you receive your statement in the mail if you're like me. In China, it's less subtle, when you hit the 2GB limit on your dataplan at 80RMB a month, not only does your mobile internet get cut off, but your normal mobile service gets cut off until you pay the extra service fees for the month. One thing you need to know about Chinese Mobile/Landline Voice and Data providers is that BELL advise them on how to institute their next-generation service infrastructure. I'm not criticizing China here. That's just the way their service operates thanks to the wonderful advice BELL has given them. All I can say is BELL loves their the mobile UBB price model so much that they want some excuse to move that UBB model from the mobile domain to the landline domain. BELL has the CRTC in the pockets it seems. It's about time the Mr. Harper and Mr. Clement public investigates what Mr. Von Finckenstein(Chairman, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission)'s salary and all the other CRTC people. Something doesn't feel right.

Why is the CRTC the one guiding the Business Model for this? PRIME MINISTER HARPER AND HON. M.P. CLEMENT SHOULD STIPULATE "MOBILE/LANDLINE FLAT-RATE UN-CAPPED USAGE PLANS" as a requirement from the get-go.

Network hardware infrastructure is on public land because this is for the entire Canadian public. Bell wishes to artificially augment network prices and institute to "usage-based billing" and is dreaming up ways of justifying it to the public. Get smart people! The government should ask how much the Network hardware infrastructure costs. The markup is huge! We could just do this hardware infrastructure ourselves without Bell's intervention, there would be no mark up. There would be no intervention from CRTC. We could buy our network hardware once, get the unlimited bandwidth upload and download. It's possible the quality of service would vary, but the network would be highly utilized at the most reasonable fee. When the network gets too sluggish, the network hardware infrastructure on public land could be upgraded, but at a service fee which would be much lower than BELL alone has the monopoly to offer. OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT SHOULD DO WHAT'S RIGHT AND CORRECT THIS BEFORE THEY SEE GRASSROOTS ORGANIZATIONS MAKING THEIR OWN DO-IT-YOURSELF NETWORK PEER-TO-PEER NEIGHBOUR TO NEIGHBOUR, CITY TO CITY NETWORK COME INTO EXISTENCE.
Hardware is getting cheaper and the know-how is out there in open-source land and it's growing.

Comment create a .hosts file and prioritize above dns (Score 1) 276

It doesn't have to be a complicated system. Have a web server somewhere with a well-known static ip serving up SunDeNS hostnames and ip addresses.
Have some kind of script retrieving frequently requested hostnames and placing a local .hosts file.
Prioritze looking up the .hosts file before the regular DNS and voila SunDeNS is alive and coexisting with regular DNS.
By that I mean if the SunDeNS doesn't have the hostname requested, it will look into the regular dns for the hostname.

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