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Comment create a .hosts file and prioritize above dns (Score 1) 276

It doesn't have to be a complicated system. Have a web server somewhere with a well-known static ip serving up SunDeNS hostnames and ip addresses.
Have some kind of script retrieving frequently requested hostnames and placing a local .hosts file.
Prioritze looking up the .hosts file before the regular DNS and voila SunDeNS is alive and coexisting with regular DNS.
By that I mean if the SunDeNS doesn't have the hostname requested, it will look into the regular dns for the hostname.

Comment no vp8 video-editing/encoding in ubuntu yet (Score 1) 163

It is crucial that video creation and video editing for webm be delivered at the same time, if you want it to be adopted.

Theora video-editing/encoding/Firefox-playing is currently supported in ubuntu 9 and 10 in the standard ubuntu repositories.

CURRENTLY webm vp8 video-editing/encoding/firefox-playing is not in the ubuntu 9 and 10 standard ubuntu repos.

As it stands, theora has better support. I can even run theora videos I created on Android using the Rockplayer.

Until then no vp8 for me.

Comment gov & biz & world economy! Your skills are (Score 1) 897

The coder/programmer/software engineer job market is in a glut because there are so many skilled coders out there and so few employers that want to hire experienced coders right now. The reality is the employers continue to want to hire fresh out of college university people because they cost peanuts while the other more experienced coders usually demand a respectable salary because of all the personal time they have sacrificed to learn the coders skills. Because of this lack of appreciation for the experienced coder skills, and because the universities continue to churn out more coders, there will always be an oversupply of coders all over the world. This is certainly a blessing for employers, but these are hard times for experienced coders.

If you enjoy coding, you will find a way to code no matter what other job you do in the meantime to pay the bills. That is if you can find a job. In the meantime, you'll have to resort to doing exercise and getting out of the house in order to avoid going crazy.

For as long as you don't own the business, there will always be the risk of losing your employment. If you do have your own business, you already know business is always a yoyo going up and down and you hope that the up time will bring in enough revenue to get your through the down periods. From what I can see, employers everywhere are going through a down period with a few exceptions with respect to those that got government taxpayer bailout money somehow. The system is unfair in that way because everyone should be getting taxpayer bailout money equally. The government however always likes to use the "It's for the greater good." slogan to justify these bailouts which aren't agreeable to most taxpayers. Government policies are at fault everywhere in the world. I observe protectionist attitudes from many countries. The worst part of it is many countries have placed many constraints to restrict people from working elsewhere unless they have the required paperwork. For the great majority of people, the required paperwork is too difficult to obtain which ultimately stops them from having the right of mobility which is the right to work anywhere in the world. Eventually this is going to have to change. Everyone in the world should have the right to work anywhere in the world and that is presently not the case. The paperwork proves the worlds' government immigration and work policies are shameful. Not everyone has the privilege to have a degree and most govs/businesses require one to work everywhere. It makes mobility a privilege and not a right which is shameful. It's a given everyone can learn a skill given the guidance, but gov's and businesses everywhere don't care. Gov's and businesses everywhere are shameful in that respect.

If the gov's and business changed these policies to "degree-less skill mentorship work anywhere in the world" policies, the economy would spark up.

Move to another city or country for a meaningful job opportunity. My father gave me one piece of advice which was handed down from his father. "You go wherever you need to in order to get a job."

The other piece of advice that I recently acquired from someone special is: "Once you do have a job, do everything you must to keep the job as if it is your last job opportunity."

Comment Don't trust MPEG LA. Buy Theora hardware (Score 1) 262

Don't let these MPEG LA devils fool you. Use something completely open developed by guys who care about things being open: Theora video and Vorbis audio.

Don't forget they may say you can use h264, but the ownership of h264 still remains under their control. By continuing to use h264, you support the developers who support intellectual property and DRM protected hardware. Do you really want to do that? I don't want to support developers who stand behind "intellectual property" and "Digital Rights Management" software and hardware. It stifles innovation and widens the disparity between the rich and the poor because the poor will have less opportunity to learn how all of this hardware works in order to create and innovate similar products.

Don't let all those intellectual assholes "smoke and mirrors" confuse you and and distract you by saying there are other codecs "technically superior" to Theora. Wikipedia took the leadership stance by adopting Theora. Everyone should follow in their footsteps. There is hardware that already supports Theora and more will follow. I prefer to support the hardware manufacturers that support this kind of hardware for all the right reasons.

I've been witness to all this video intellectual property crapola since the mid 1990's. All these different audio/video formats to obfuscate, divide and conquer the open-source world: mpeg, mp4, aac, nmr-nb, nmr-wb, 3gp, 3gp2. dirac, matroska, wav, mp3, flac. Not to mention the price to purchase the hardware had been quite exclusive for the longest time for the cameras and the encoder cards.

Vote for open-source with your buying power. Buy open source hardware that supports Theora. It would be nice to see a TV-Tuner/Capture card that hardware encodes directly to Theora. The closest thing out there is www.pchdtv.com, but they encode to mpg/mp4.
The default video editor in ubuntu is pitivi which edits theora videos, but what hardware do we have to give us those theora videos. Openshot edits mpeg/mp4 videos', but it's in a grey area legally because of all this MPEG LA legalese stuff found in all the cameras/video cameras using their "intellectual property". Even the Android phones capture video in mp4 format which is MPEG LA Intellectual Property. There should be a phone on the market using all open-source technology. The phone makers and the MID makers should be supporting the open-source route because it makes their hardware less expensive to buy in the long-run. Why is it they are still selling stuff with mp4/mpeg chipsets? Why are they supporting these intellectual property guys?

Consumers have buying power. They will vote for open-source with their money if well-informed.

Comment PDF just works & "what you see is what you pri (Score 1) 348

I think PDF is the format to go with. The evince pdf reader application works well and runs on windows and linux these days. It adapts well to reading A4 paper format or 8.5X11 inch format. There are "fit to screen width", "fit to page", zoom-in, zoom-out services available that can be bound to the new multi-touch pads or to standard mouse or keyboard accelerators.

I tried reading and creating a pdf document on smartdevices smartq 7 a while ago and it works well, but it's a bit slow to display a page because it's focused on saving battery power. Most portable first-generation e-book readers are slow to render a page to save on device battery life.

If I want to print a page, evince and cups printer device drivers work well with epson, hp, lexmark printers from my own personal experience.

I think the publishers are just looking for an excuse to build-in some kind of DRM(digital rights management) into some kind of new format. Good luck with that. Consumers won't go for it.

Comment BIG OIL does merit anti-offshore drilling laws (Score 1) 102

I read somewhere that BP’s oil spill disaster is a perfect example of the complete failure of self regulating capitalism. Currently, the US government allows oil companies to regulate themselves. The U.S. government is demanding more accountability from BP with regards to the the cleanup.
Throughout history, engineers and scientists make mistakes and it has always been that everyone else pays for those mistakes. These guys have to be held more accountable for the SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSEQUENCES of their mistakes, because they didn't reflect enough before executing an action plan. Engineers do have some courses in university that train them to reflect about engineering impact. I guess there wasn't enough training. I'm disappointed about the banking industry also, but they are also engineers in the financial sense. The banking industry managed to experiment with the oldest ways of bartering, buying, selling, and borrowing and managed to get everyone else pay for those mistakes.
This disaster's environmental and economic consequences are at this point immeasurable.
The spill's impact now stretches across a 150-mile swath, from Dauphin Island, Ala. to Grand Isle, La.
Once the spill enters the Gulf loop current, it enters the Atlantic Ocean and heads for Europe. An oil spill plume 10 miles long and 3 miles wide is heading for the Gulf of Mexico loop current. The loop current is a ribbon of warm water that begins in the Gulf of Mexico and wraps around Florida. Like the oil, the loop's position is constantly changing based on winds and currents. The Coast Guard forecasts the oil arriving in the Florida Keys Monday May 24th, 2010.
***The effect on wildlife and the economy will be catastrophic.
***The gooey oil washing into the marshes along the Gulf Coast proves IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE, leaving a toxic stew lethal to fish and wildlife.

If something is impossible to remove and is caused by a human mistake in offshore drilling, it is reason enough to make it law. We're human after all. We will make mistakes and nothing is going to stop that. One good way to prevent these mistakes from happening is to ensure the presidents, owners and shareholders live on the oil rig 24/7 offshore and onshore. I would like to see their reaction to this. It would also imply their families would also live there. I would love to see them share in the joy of having an oil rig in their backyard and swimming beach.

As a result, BIG OIL companies do merit anti-offshore drilling laws because if we let them continue making catastrophies like this, regular citizens won't have free places to enjoy the natural coastline with ducks, marshes, frogs, pelicans, shrimp etc...

Comment Google search & DRM == THREAT TO DIGITAL FREED (Score 1) 224

clearly discusses why Digital Rights Management(DRM) is not good for society and everyone's DIGITAL FREEDOMS.

Lately, GOOGLE seems to be associating itself with all sorts of DRM-infected companies. DRM suppresses every user's Digital Freedoms.

DRM RADAR ALERT #1: Sony is notorious for this if you've been reading about Sony taking about the ability to use Linux on PS3. Has everyone already forgotten about the Sony CD-Writer installing a ROOTKIT on everyone's PC? That was a form of DRM.
DRM RADAR ALERT #2:The Intel SOC is full of security stuff to clearly support the DRM. I certainly am pessimistic that the security api was developed to protect everyone's privacy. It was clearly developed to protect multinationals' interest to ensure they protect their intellectual property.

Does anyone else foresee Google infecting their core web search web page with DRM?

Connecting the dots, notice this google tv event also coincides with the introduction of ipv6 everywhere which introduces new so-called security api's. We should rename these to ipv6 DRM api's.

I'll be using ipv4 for a while. I'll be avoiding google tv. The schtick and the hype don't work on me. Go find some other suckers.

Comment Hulu doesn't represent the viewer interest (Score 0, Troll) 202

Hulu certainly does not represent the viewers interests or the internet's interest. If Hulu says they represent their "customers' needs", well, their definition of customer is certainly not the viewer.

Securing content slows down the internet because it takes up more bandwidth to happen. Where's the net-neutrality friendly approach here?
Handling reporting to the advertisers is certainly something viewers don't care about. Can't they just use their web/media server logs and submit the data without creating direct connections from the viewers' web browser? I find all this advertiser functionality just excuses for prying on viewer privacy. Again it takes up needless bandwidth. Where's the net-neutrality friendly approach here?
Rendering video with a high performance codec to ensure premium visual quality is absurd because it implies the viewer having premium quality hardware which is exclusively expensive. I'm sure many people are perfectly content with normal NTSC resolution and quality. Rendering should be more in line with the lowest common denominator in order to catch the widest possible viewer audience on the widest possible number of devices.

HULU also discriminates against viewers not residing in the U.S.A. What's the point of having an internet if you are not going to extend your audience to the entire internet's reach? HULU are a bunch of idiots and don't have a clue as to what viewer audience they are losing.

I won't be using HULU until they get their act together and acknowledge viewers that 1)use Linux 2)use non-FLASH html5 alternatives and 3)are located in elsewhere on the internet, NOT IN THE U.S.A..

Comment 3A(Godson 3A) and 3B are coming (Score 2, Informative) 361

Maybe you'll be happy to know there are other alternatives that are very interesting appearing on the CPU manufacturer radar:
1)Godson 3A(4-core) and 3B(8-core).

www.lemote.com will also have a 3A offering in August.

2)Nivida Tegra T20 seems to also be a 4-cores among other cool features.

Comment a tor-friendly p2p alternative: http://anomos.info (Score 4, Interesting) 122

Anomos' Key Features:
Every peer relays to other peers just like Tor. This makes it more difficult for the prying eyes.
2)The more peers connecting to the same tracker, the stronger the anonymity for everyone.
3)runs on windows, mac os x, and linux
4)Based on the original python-based bittorrent sources
5)Tweaked to be tor-friendly

For more information:

Anomos torrent sites are on their way. Seek and you shall find.

Comment I support Google throughout their ordeals (Score 1) 372

I have been using Google since the days they were still deja.com and were doing stuff like a shopping wizard which kicked butt against anything else out there.

Whenever I need some information about stuff, the first place I look is Google.
The results I have found from Google are better than anything out there by far for many reasons:
1)fastest response time,
3)redundant web sites having identical information and mentioning it as so
4)the ending result pages presented did not necessarily match all the keywords requested, but I always appreciated the content presented anyways and with time and patience I have found many perls of wisdom hidden on page 10+ when most people would abandon the quest probably after page 3.
5)Perhaps Google does place the paid-to-Google-ad-pages higher in terms of relevance on the Google results pages, but the fact remains non-paid result web pages are still presented in the Google results pages. I have a few questions to ask the so-called "WATCHDOG ADVOCACY GROUPS":
Do you buy your car at the first dealer you shop at?
Do you buy your food at only one grocery store?
Do you only look at the links on just the first page of Google results?
If the answer to this is yes, you guys are morons and shouldn't be representing anyone.

Microsoft's pre-html MSDN search engine was actually quite refined 18 years ago with their ability to use the keyword "near" and defining it with a distance of number of words between the keywords. When they made the switch to html however, MSDN search engine lost their mojo. The results returned were less relevant and the response time was atrocious considering the msdn data was on a local disk and had access to the net apart from that. GOOGLE saw the opportunity and grabbed it...end of story.

With respect to censorship, the Google team are doing a wonderful job. They do their best all things considered.
If I don't like the filtered results from Google China, no problem...I go to Google Canada or Google U.S.A.
When there is a wall, there is always a way around it. That's a Chinese proverb by the way.

With respect to PRIVACY and logging of keywords or other stuff, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!
THAT'S WHAT SOFTWARE DOES! It's a learning process to make the entire search engine process better.
Google can't make it better if it doesn't accumulate statistics.
I can see privacy advocates bringing it up as a concern, but I'm on Google's side with respect to this.
GOOGLE doesn't give personal emails to the highest bidder.
GOOGLE doesn't give personal keywords to the highest bidder either.

With respect to security breaches within Google, I'm sure they are doing their best.
Every company has issues with this so the PRIVACY ADVOCATES can go jump in a lake now.

Google have been constantly doing their best. I suspect the advocacy groups are in bed with other search engine competitors because my bullshit indicator is BLINKING VERY BRIGHT RED at the moment.

Comment Google Phone Feature Request (Score 1) 185

While the GOOGLE PHONE is USB wired to the computer, not only could the phone get recharged, but it could:
-use the computer's ISP network to make wired VOIP voice calls without using the expensive 3G network.
-act as an adjustable WEB CAMERA. This would eliminate the need for a microphone/webcam accessories because they are built into the phone already.
-act a secondary adjustable hands-free conference speaker. This would eliminate the need to use the stereo speakers because there's a LOUD RINGTONE speaker built into the phone already.
-stand on its own. No stand required.

Comment xine has a volume normalizer...tv's could do this (Score 1) 636

I recall turning on the volume normalizer feature in "xine" and other media players. If the volume cranks up in the movie, xine gracefully lowers/limits the volume to what I consider acceptable. Something like this could be simply implemented as a value-add feature in new televisions.

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