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Comment Re:Whats up with the Unity obsession? (Score 2) 202

Or could it be that the people complaining about Unity doesn't know how to change to to Xubuntu, Kubuntu and so on? A lot of the comments are "Unity is crap" bla bla. I just don't get it, If you don't like Unity, just use Xubuntu or whatever.

The complaints are usually being made by people who don't have anywhere to go. For someone who has used and has learned to love the Gnome 2.xx desktop moving to XFCE or KDE is simply not an option, and Gnome 3.0 is not a way forward. Where do those people go?

This is why you see so much hate for Unity. Not just because it represents a decision by Canonical to double down on pushing their renamed "Netbook Remix" on people under the guise of offering an alternative desktop to Gnome 3, but because these people feel they have no place to go.
MATE may be an answer some day, as long as its project continues to be worked on but for now all that exists is a few distros still shipping with Gnome 2.xx and of those most of them are rapidly approaching an end to their supported by dates and no longer seeing any application updates.

For all that it is a feature of Linux distros to have all their applications available from one repository, it is also a huge flaw because it requires that the user always upgrade if they wish to continue using applications. That is why there are so many people angry. They have less choice now than they've ever had with their computers and seemingly no where left to go with a future.

Comment Re:Modern Shunning (Score 1) 354

It'd be like if everybody believes politics to be a dishonest mud trough, we'd just end up with a bunch of greedy pigs who like to wallow in it

Remind me, if you could how exactly is this different than the current state of affairs? At least if there's pushback it could result in people trying to change things in stead of the 'business as usual' we have now.

Comment Gnome? Which version? (Score 1) 234

As a fan of Gnome 2.xx I find myself wondering if the problem raised is still an issue with that version or if they are regressions due to Gnome Shell?

Fans of Gnome Shell, please don't mod me down without at least first answering the question for me as I genuinely want to know the answer.

Comment How do you handle the frustration? (Score 2) 573

Serious question here. You've been warning people about the need to protect and preserve essential freedoms from being lost for literally decades now to very little avail. Your stories intended to be glimpses into a bad future where we no longer have the four freedoms are becoming more and more prophetic seeming by the day. And yet, there is very little change to prevent the dystopia you warned of from coming to pass.

How do you handle the frustration, anger, disappointment and personal attacks?

Also, thank you for seeing the need and establishing the GPL and GNU to fight for our future freedoms!

Comment Re:Actually.. (Score 1) 241

The geek defines himself by the big media product, pop cultural artifacts like Star Trek, Star Wars. and The Lord of the Rings.

Yes, yes--but who told you that? Just because Big Bang Theory says so, doesn't make it so.

More importantly, why do you assume that if true the situation will never change?

Comment Rethinking MicroSD Card Slots? (Score 2) 531

Considering how everyone always laughs at me, calls me a luddite, tells me the future is the cloud, etc whenever I complain about the latest tablets and phones being released without some sort of user loadable storage, is this news enough of a reason to make you rethink your positions?

Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

Where I'm from (Pittsburgh, PA), many bicyclists don't use hand signals or stop at red lights - They buzz right through.

While I can't comment on the stupidity of failing to stop at red lights, I have to offer a possible explanation for the lack of hand signals. Two words:

  • Fear
  • Ignorance

I'm afraid to even attempt to use hand signals because of the possibility of being confused with using gang signs and I say this as someone whose hard of hearing and uses (pidgin) ASL to communicate with Deaf friends. Even with ASL I'm nervous about using them in public, there have been too many stories of people being attacked or confused for being a gang banger over use of hand signs.

Ignorance also plays a factor. How many motorists would recognize bike hand signals if they saw them? How many would only see a hand movement and decide they were being flipped off by rude bikers?

What good does it do to use signals that are unknown and likely to get you killed if misinterpreted?

Comment Re:Message to the intolerant (Score 1) 957

90% of education is indoctrination ( extreme word used on purpose). Really most education is about passing on the values of the society to the next generation.
Many in the West lost sight of that simple reality known for thousands of years.

They didn't lose sight of anything--they're simply very well indoctrinated. . .

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 320

I have to defend the "Works For Me"-closing. It is *very* hard to track bugs which are not showing up on your machine (or any test machine). You never know exactly what that user has already done to the machine prior to the bug occurring and it's hard to get additional information. While it for sure sucks if you get that response, the immediate reaction should be "well, how can I help you find this" and not "I still have that problem" as it happens many times.

Sooo....what you're saying then is that it works for you?

/me ducks.

Comment Re:I'm not even going to bother looking at TFA (Score 1) 110

True story - I downloaded a game called "plumber pipes" or something like that, where you connected pipe pieces from one end to the other. It had "targeted" ads - they were all for pipes and plumbing equipment!

Root that puppy and install "Adfree Android" to block most ads from ever becoming an annoyance again.

Also check the site in my sig and you might be pleasantly surprised at how well your POS Android can run...

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