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Comment BUY THE MAFIAA OUT! (Score 1) 220

And what exactly is Google meant to do?

I think Google and the rest of the major tech industry giants should create a consortium and collectively buy the MAFIAA out, so we can get on with living in the future and stop this nonsense of protecting one industry by penalizing another. This whole last ten twenty years has been ridiculous! Like the old laws that required all automobiles to have someone walk ahead of them at night with a lantern in attempt to slow them down to a level that horses could compete with. That's how silly this is..

Hell, half the time these days I wonder if that hasn't been the MAFIAA's strategy all along....

Comment The Streisand Effect Explained (Score 3, Informative) 220

I'm also sure most casual people don't care nor didn't even heard about it. Yes, piracy circles did, but they're pirates to begin with.

Nice attempt to hand wave there. Despite your attempt to pretend it has anything to do with copyright infringement, the Streisand Effect is a real observable phenomena that can be seen over and over again. Usually as a result of someone powerful trying to pervert the Law and use their clout or money to buy the result they wanted--usually silence. As a result of the lawsuit even more attention gets paid to something that would otherwise simply blow over quickly and pass with little note. But here, let's let Wikipedia explain it, so you can understand better...

The Streisand effect is a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the perverse effect of publicizing the information more widely. It is named after American entertainer Barbra Streisand, whose attempt in 2003 to suppress photographs of her residence inadvertently generated further publicity. Similar attempts have been made, for example, in cease-and-desist letters, to suppress numbers, files and websites. Instead of being suppressed, the information receives extensive publicity and media extensions such as videos & spoof songs, often being widely mirrored across the Internet or distributed on file-sharing networks. Mike Masnick of Techdirt coined the term after Streisand, citing privacy violations, unsuccessfully sued photographer Kenneth Adelman and Pictopia.com for US$50 million in an attempt to have an aerial photograph of her mansion removed from the publicly available collection of 12,000 California coastline photographs. Adelman said that he was photographing beachfront property to document coastal erosion as part of the government sanctioned and commissioned California Coastal Records Project. As a result of the case, public knowledge of the picture increased substantially; more than 420,000 people visited the site over the following month.

You should really learn the value of the maxim of keeping your mouth shut, rather than opening it and displaying your ignorance to all who look in...

Oh and go ahead and read the rest of the Wikipedia article. Lots of examples of the phenomena at work there, and clearly not something that your corporate masters will be able to legislate away. The damage is already done. UMG now provides their opposition with the best possible example of why SOPA is bad and proof that it WILL be abused.

I mean really? Did they really think they could get away with this attempt to silence free speech in such a slam dunk example of fair use? Trying to categorize this as infringement is beyond ridiculous, this was a case of someone with money and lawyers on retainer who thought they could simply abuse the law and dare anyone to hold them accountable for it.

Well thanks to the Streisand Effect, everyone gets to hear exactly what UMG wanted silenced. Nice going. This is why your industry is going to fade away, not copyright infringement, but the fact that UMG and the rest of Big Media simply haven't got a clue.

Comment Re:Google, please take my money. Pretty please... (Score 1) 178

what're you doing trying to limp along a pre-Gingerbread phone and complaining that you can't install new apps?

I'm on Froyo. That is Android 2.2, which is really not that old yet. There are builds of CM7 available and I know that people are busy working away at porting over ICS as soon as it can be accomplished. I stick with Froyo though, because it seems to be the best built for my phone. I don't think the issue was so much operating system related as much as it is hardware related, my phone is an LG Optimus V so certainly not the latest and greatest.

Most people still using old smartphones WON'T be upgrading their phones/tablets right away, and they would be enraged if they learned they couldn't run the app on which they just spent their hard-earned money* wouldn't work on their already-expensive smartphone from a couple years back.

I see your point, but why should this apply even in the web store? Or failing that why cant Google just make a popup with a checkbox that warns the app does not run on any devices currently linked to my account, by checking the box I submit I would like to purchase the app any way. At the very least they should have anticipated people buying apps on speculation when they're $0.10! At that price I have a hard time not buying the apps with an eye towards the future...

So why won't Google take my money?


Comment Google, please take my money. Pretty please... (Score 1) 178

I have an android phone, so I've been enjoying this since I first heard about it. Was sad that I missed the first day, but what can you do? The biggest gripe I'm having now though is that Google will not even let me buy some of the apps on sale here today or yesterday. Keeps on saying my current phone is not compatible with the app.

So? Does Google think that I will never upgrade my phone? Or that just because I do not currently have an Android tablet I will never get one?

Please just let me buy the app already! Just take my money Google, don't taunt me with great apps and great games but refuse to let me install them!


Comment Re:Power users should use their powers... (Score 1) 798

If you don't like it...uh change it? What's so crazy about that idea?!

Maybe because we've already been doing just that for several releases now and have gotten tired at just how much work it takes to return the desktop back to a usable state?

Maybe because with each release it gets harder and harder to find out how to do the reversion because things keep on being changed around. One time it is a simple configuration edit, another time you need to replace a file with a patched one from a PPA, still another requires you uninstall a package, etc etc...

Or maybe we've been paying attention to what Mark says and seen he's serious about bolting the desktop to make changing it impossible--what he euphemistically calls "consistency..."

It isn't like people haven't tried to tell him this is a mistake, Mark refuses to listen and instead tries to generate his own little reality distortion field. The only choice left for us is to leave...so that's what we're doing.

Just don't expect us to be happy about it.

Comment Canonical? I seem to vaguely remember them... (Score 1) 281

Hmm....where have I heard that name before? OH! They're that company that seemed to have a pretty stellar Linux distro based around the Gnome desktop, but for whatever reason the founder of the company decided it was HIS distro and so he didn't have to listen to the people using HIS distro and only HE could design THE ONE TRUE DESKTOP (TM)...

Lost a lot of users after that. Funny thing, never saw a company quite that intent on pissing off all their users until they leave...

Comment Privacy Settings? Bwhahahahaha! Good one... (Score 1) 68

Why don't people just learn how to, you know, use the PRIVACY SETTINGS ALREADY IN PLACE instead of complaining to the government about a percieved privacy "issue"?

Facebook's privacy settings are rendered useless at a regular basis when they decide to add new "features" requiring you to comb through and opt out of everything again. When I first created my account I went through and locked everything down in settings and since then have had to regularly hunt down leaks in my information because added something which enabled stuff all over again.

I'm this close to beginning a campaign to poison my information and start closing down my account...no really, I mean it! When I have to do more fiddling with Facebook's settings than I actually do reading or posting it stops being fun and becomes work. And who needs that?

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 318

Why would a lawyer be leery of it? If what you said is true she is the perfect defendant for a restraining order.

Simple she has a vagina and he has a penis. It is simply amazing what possession of a vagina excuses in this society. Even more amazing what a liability having a penis can be when some old guy in a black robe decides to appease the tear-stricken female in spite of evidence, witnesses, and good sense clearly indicating a dangerous borderline female personality.

Who says chivalry is dead? If only it truly were....

Comment Re:Don't sign it (Score 1) 355

If you want to make a statement, go without

I used to do this, until the RIAA started touting declining sales as evidence of piracy. If I'm going to be accused of the "crime" any way I figure I might as well get the enjoyment that comes from the media as well. it all seems to be heads they win, and tails I lose....

Comment Why do I hate you? Simple... (Score 1) 214

I'm hard of hearing. I can barely understand people on the phone as it is with my hearing aid set to telecoil and it's volume up as high as it goes. Then you add those annoying "your call is important to us" announcements (what at 3:00 am?) machine noise, distorted on hold music due to crappy VOIP software (on their end of things, not mine) and after I wait nearly an hour and navigate your useless phone tree I'm supposed to shout at someone who doesn't understand my voice and whose accent is unintelligible by me?

This is not a situation that is going to end well, no matter how patient and well intentioned either party on the line is.

Sadly, what happens nearly half the time is I get someone who is convinced I am mocking them, and roughly a quarter of the time I get someone convinced that I am retarded as well as hard of hearing. That last quarter of the time I get someone who is able to help me and I and they manage to solve my problem quickly and the call ends with both of us happy. That's a seventy-five percent negative experience over and over again.

So, yeah--it isn't anything personal but when you don't understand me and I don't understand you--I'd rather not deal with you if I can help it.

This isn't racism, it isn't political, it is simple demographics. The people of this country are getting older and losing their hearing. Is it any wonder they get annoyed at not being able to communicate at a time they're already feeling frustrated over a technical problem?


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