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Comment Sounds like a padded book (Score 1) 713

I was going to jump and buy it, but the summary proves a single point. It is a book that can be written in five pages. The rest is fluff and padding. There is one point that should have been driven very hard, and I am not sure it is.

Alternative medicine harms and kills, with examples. One I have heard is a story about a man with prostate cancer that is a slow cancer. He started taking herbal medicine on the side and ... wamo the cancer turned virulent. The reason, the herb he took had a natural version of adrenalin, a big no no. How did they find out? He exhibited the same symptoms as another. Should they jail the "practitioner" ?

There are a lot more arguments, but it should be driven that the "practice" is full of people taking advantage of people in need

Operating Systems

Submission + - My own private grid

giorgist writes: I have a lot of computers at work, and they sit idle for most of the time. Is it possible to muster them all together and get them cracking on some problem of our own choosing ? We have a cluster doing computations and time on it is limited. Maybe I can setup another were I can run packets on idle computers. People from work can join in and take "packets" home and run them on their computers at home while they work. G

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