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Comment What can intel offer ? (Score 1) 82

If all they will do is show Google content. Hardware is now much like beige boxes. If they don't show youtube, they have nothing. So whatever intel comes up with or even Apple, they will simply show youtube content and so will line Google bottom line. They can try and create content outside the Google ecosystem but we know where that went with apple maps.

Comment Automation ... (Score 1) 602

Automation is an inevitable fact, it has been happening since especially the industrial revolution. The standard of living increases as more is produced per capita. The only problem is that if there is a standard of living imbalance across borders, some of that standard of living improvement happens in another country. The fact is that it is a good thing long term. Why should I as a westerner continue to live off the domestic product of the poor in the world without they reaping the rewards ? Rich can't eat money, they spend it somewhere, so ultimately this "money" thing is just an illusion. They can snort it up their nose or spend it on expensive toys for all I care. The standard of living is measurably improving, not at the same rate for all but the richest kings 100 years ago didn't have the conveniences most people have today. Somebody may have wiped their arse for them but their teeth fell out sooner, their kids often didn't make adulthood and so on ... Money is simply a reward to make people contribute more to society. All we need to do is figure out a way to reward those that contribute more to society for a better return to society.

Comment Brilliant (Score 0) 86

What a brilliant way to create targeted groups ! In fact I am sure apple will soon come up with it as well and sue Google for patent violation. I find it quite handy in that I could possibly subscribe to a group that I support their method of reviewing apps such as EFF or FSF. I wonder if I subscribe to two groups do I get what is common to both sets or a combination of the sets ? I suspect the first if the business model is to work.

Comment So the next upgrade to the rockets is ... (Score 1) 377

A small bend on one of the wings to that it spirals when it flies ...

The next upgrade on the Iron Dome is that it calculates predictable parabolic spirals

Th next upgrade to rockets is that one of the wings gets a hinge that makes it behave chaotically

The next upgrade on the Iron Dome is that the claimed of it's effectiveness are exaggerated

The next upgrade to the rockets is an arduino to make them a little smarter

The next upgrade on the iron dome is to install many many more and faster that can shoot down by needing less reaction time

The next upgrade to the rockets is many many more which makes the workshops easier to find

Ad infinitum ...

Comment I wonder how they did their metrics (Score 1) 297

War sucks ... that is established.

What is a "robot". What type of technology is OK to kill with and what is not ? Is a drone hovering and taking out targets OK ? How about a cruise missile ? Is that a robot ?

Taking out single targets instead of 100 or 1000 ? How about advanced telemetry and intelligence gathering ? What about advances in network theory and game theory that allow for "better" and more effective strategies?

I would say that wars are a lot less likely and a lot less bloody than they used to be, we are going in the right direction. War reporting is a lot more effective. Killing a few people makes it to the news or blogs or youtube instantly and gets you negative karma. The information war seems to be harder to fight.

Comment Be the best (Score 3, Interesting) 76

Be the best Make all information free Choose a good licence Expect to be taken over one day from something better, when that comes along ... help them Make it easy for anybody to use your information It is counterintuitive but the moment you put up protective barriers, you fall over. The moment you depend on an artificial barrier to protect your lead is the moment you will degrade the quality of your product. Happens every time on products and services that grow on openness and suddenly feel the reason they are good is more so because of their qualities than the openness. If you develop a product/service based on a closed environment, that is a different story. It makes business sense to improve your model based on a closed environment until a disruptive product/service comes along.

Comment The timing is seems to be pretty good for ... (Score 2) 72

The timing is seems to be pretty good for the photoshop fail of the Russian orthodox Church http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2126092/Watch-closely-Russian-church-apologises-Photoshop-fail-20-000-timepiece-disappears-wrist-Patriarch.html Although Nokias PureView was a pretty good one as well :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud0wbhUqX1Q

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