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Comment Re:What if there is no reason? (Score 1) 393

Damn .. I was just thinking that halfway through reading the parent post !! Can you even prove that something can be, but have no reason ? I mean can you conclusively prove that a particular mix of matter/antimatter has happened, but there was no reason why it happened ? You can say that the result is random, and you can't come to know it completely due to quantum effects, but can you say that the outcome has no reason why it ended up what it is, no forces of nature shaped it to be what it is.

Comment Re:What does this mean? (Score 1) 479

I will use simpler words for you. There are precedences that have disarmed the US and are the result of US actions. The US made a call under it's own reasoning to bomb the crap out of Iraq. It did not use the UN. Why should Russia not be able to do the same thing. Russia is simply protecting their interests. Kossovo voted out of Serbia even though it is historically Serbian but the population of Albanians are pretty high. I am not making a judgement on the ethics of that action, just of the precedent set. The ex-government of Ukraine was ousted which was popularly elected. Russia sent troops in to protect their interests. Whole divisions and war ships are switching sides to Russia. It seems to me that the south is Russian by a big majority.

Comment Well ... what do you expect (Score 5, Insightful) 479

If the US could invade Iraq without UN support and under the pretense of the moral high ground as defined by the US, then so can Russia invade Crimea. If the Kosovo can leave Serbia and become it's own country under the support of the US even though it is historically Serbian but by population Albanian so can Crimea which has a Russian majority. The US has made their bed and now it is sleeping in it. Precedence is a bitch, the US set the precedent and now they are winging about what is happening in Crimea !! Russia supplies 60% of Europe's energy and it will increase to 80% ... the US has nothing to stand on. If they apply sanctions, the Russians will increase the price of gas and oil and have Europe pay for them just for giggles.

Comment This is not bulshit (Score 1) 144

In negotiations there is a point where you need to behave irrationally otherwise negotiations continue to your detriment. That was a means to signal that it is your final offer, and I am willing to drop it for something as ridiculous as a flight to Barcelona. They could have offered a flight in a gold plated A380, it would not have made a difference. Next time you negotiate with your wife over going out with your buddies, you might recognise the "irrational behaviour" trick now.

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