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Comment This is not bulshit (Score 1) 144

In negotiations there is a point where you need to behave irrationally otherwise negotiations continue to your detriment. That was a means to signal that it is your final offer, and I am willing to drop it for something as ridiculous as a flight to Barcelona. They could have offered a flight in a gold plated A380, it would not have made a difference. Next time you negotiate with your wife over going out with your buddies, you might recognise the "irrational behaviour" trick now.

Comment Re:Fail by all posters so far on the issue (Score 1) 692

This is crazy, ok ... your property has skyrocketed in value. You suddenly are an asset millionaire but you can't afford your house. You like the fact that what used to be a run down neighbourhood with crime and poverty and cheap housing is now affluent. When you sell it, choose a house that was exactly like it was when you could afford it and you should be hunky dory with lotsa cash left over. It may suck a little, but the world keeps moving on, kids might step onto your lawn ... buy a rocking chair and a shotgun, this is America.

Comment Re:We could not make them (Score 1) 514

The problem is that we can both agree, and I can still build them in the background. I mean a flying aeroplane can be a fully autonomous killing machine, and there is no way to know. At least nukes emit radioactivity, chemical weapons smell bad. Smart weapons are only smart when you press the funky key combination.

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