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Comment Weeell .... Priorities? (Score 1) 163

We need some real numbers. If there is only a 50% chance of being hit by a city shattering meteorite in the next 10,000 I don't think it is worth bothering. I know it will suck if it landed in my backyard or even my front porch, but it is not worth it. There are other things we should spend money on like super volcanoes or massive earth splitting earthquakes or even rogue killer bees that spread zombie viruses.

Comment Jealousy (Score 1) 453

As it works out, the "jocks" end up in jobs that are like filling supermarket bags. The "nerds" not only have amazingly interesting jobs, but in their personal lives actually are the ones that do the extreme sports, the travel, the arts. There is this mindset that people can either be creative or analytical. The reason this idea exists is because most people that think this are neither. So most people read about fashion or follow sport but do nothing in their lives. These people need bread and circuses. The rest Live life with a capital L. Good coders among them explore the world in a badly lit basement if they have to. Let the rest watch fox news upstairs.

Comment Choice ? (Score 4, Insightful) 361

Android offers choice only to tinkerers. Everybody else simply walks in a store and buys a phone that looks shiny. iPhones are having a bit of a problem in that they offer almost a single choice which was the same as that from a few years ago. You can't have a bigger screen for example. Mobiles have achieved appliance status. Who cares about fragmentation ? There is fragmentation in car models as well and fancy cars that have weird ways to switch on. After you master it, you run with it for years. You don't care if the car in the opposite traffic works differently. Fragmentation affects developers, who now have massive budgets to overcome it. There are hundreds of thousands of apps, most people use only a few and the rest they simply forget to delete after they are downloaded. So there are enough that work well out there.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 2) 488

Ultimately trying to hack in multitasking is a very difficult thing to do. Android has done it properly from scratch simply riding on the shoulders of linux. Apple wanted to make sure the experience is guaranteed so it slowly introduced task switching, and now it has to hack it in. Price to pay It is funny, bit Linux and IOS are at at the 3.11 stage in different ways.

Comment Re:Jobs must be rolling in his grave... (Score 1) 773

There is not much original in that thinking, there is the concept of disruptive technology. It is always sounds great for a company to stick with the premium product with the high margin. The problem with that is that you leave your rear unprotected.

Companies come in that offer cheap, crappy copies of your product. Now while they are doing that, they get better and better at doing what they do. They also capture a part of the market that you are not interested in. This market also get's more and more sophisticated. Suddenly as it turns out a nice sunny morning, you are not that much different and this other company is starting to offer a product that is as good or better than yours and they are established in their market and you are cornered in a market that has no profit any more. You sell a phone for $1000 dollars, they sell a phone for $50 and there is not much difference in the phones.

Let alone all it takes is a disruption on behalf of the underdog ... and your single point of failure is realised.

The only defence is to create a buffer on its rear, but apple might have left it for too long. Much like their founder, he left treatment for too long believing he can handle his condition by "natural" means

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