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Comment "It's not totally clear why that occurred" (Score 0) 327

Damned if he tells them, damned if he doesn't but it is pretty clear. The product is loosing it's "I gotta have it appeal" as well as the innovative lead as well as, wow that looks futuristic/different ... and they are doing nothing about it, partly because their spiritual leader has left down some laws that are hurting apple.

Comment As a devils advocate (Score 1, Informative) 835

When you have 50,000 raids a year ... you will get the ones that will swing wide off the mark. I am sure they will get the address wrong, a cat will fall on the officer's face as they break in and they will gun down a whole convent. The officers are shit scared that 12 year old is holding a fully automatic weapon as per it's God given right.

Comment Re:Turn the question around (Score 1) 201

NO ... don't turn the question around. That is standard misdirection. I can't believe all these geeks are jumping to defend Google against very reasonable questions by the government ... the very one they elect and represent them.

If the government is doing something wrong, that's another episode. On this occasion though, the questions are very well defined and should be clearly answered without .. oh look shiny !!!

Comment Some cut'n pasting (Score 2) 599

"Although the concentration of Uranium and Thorium in coal is extremely low, a typical 1000 MW coal fired plant burns about 4 million tons of coal every year. This results in an unregulated release to the environment of 5.2 tons of Uranium along with 12.8 tons of Thorium from a single coal plant each year. This does not include the large amounts of radium, radon, polonium and potassium-40 that is also released from coal plants."

There are 7000 coal power plants in the world with many more planned making alternative energy solutions completely insignificant. Consider that in the US almost twice as much uranium is released into the environment by coal plants than is used, stored in fused glass and buried by nuclear plants!

Comment Re:Long term? (Score 1) 599

Stick it in the ground, in shallow holes they were radioactive when they were in there. They are less so now that they have been used, so what is the problem. Dilute them 100 fold and then stick them in the ground if you wish. In a lump of coal there is more energy in its uranium and thorium than in the coal itself but we seem, happy to leave it lying around or even making road surfaces out of the leftovers.

Comment Hmmm ... (Score 1) 1121

I would say these are the last throws of creationism. It is a case of, please pick a fight with me, I am important. Science has credibility, so if they give creationism some attention, some of that credibility rubs off on them. It is sad state for them.

All you have to do is look up bible inconsistencies and off you go. Next you can simply ask to use creationism as a means to predict stuff ... and you are stuffed as it has no predicting ability. I can make an imaginary consitant story and ask that it is disproven ... The fact that nobody can come forth and disprove it, does not mean that it is true.

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