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Comment Competition (Score 2, Informative) 161

Although this thing idea is neat, there is an Israeli company that is currently selling RF tech to do the same thing. It comes in a package the size of a suitcase, and can be deployed without having to put transmitters/receivers all over the place. Check it out.

I actually applied to work for that company but wasn't smart enough. Blasted Israelis and their blasted smarter-than-me-ness.

Comment Re:Very Tricky but pathbreaking area (Score 1) 337

The OP is referring to the suspicionless internal DHS (border control) check points.
    * http://www.aliciapatterson.org/APF1804/Davidson/Davidson.html
    * http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b92_1231335983

I can't find anything official from the DHS website, but the claim seems to be that DHS can legally set up spots away from the border and act as if they are at the border for purposes of questioning and searches.

Comment Re:In another word... (Score 1) 1385

Biden also had the rare luck of working across the street from a regional rail hub. Unless we all start working right next to our regional hubs (not likely) it seems to make sense that local transit has to improve a lot for the overall system to become useful.

Incidentally, I live in the DC metro area (NoVA) close to a metro station. Unless I am going to DC proper or Reagan airport I generally have to drive.

Comment Code is great, what about hardware design? (Score 3, Informative) 520

I agree that the software will tell part of the story on whether or not the device is accurate, but I'd be interested in examining the hardware too. It is easy to imagine that varying conditions (temp, humidity, altitude, exhaust, smoker lung, etc) could alter the operation of the hardware even before the software comes into play. How have these variables been neutralized? Casting doubt on the device would be easy.

Casting doubt is what the defense is interested in, but what the public should really be interested in is the test data (from an independent third party). Have they conducted appropriate tests across sufficient body types and environmental conditions? Lets see the results.


Americans Don't Care About Domestic Spying ? 485

S1mmo+61 writes "Salon is analyzing a Time Magazine article today, a piece that essentially claims Americans do not care about the domestic spying. The analysis of the Time magazine piece (which is longer than the article itself) is interesting, if only as a quick history of domestic spying in the last eight years. 'Time claims that "nobody cares" about the Government's increased spying powers and that "polling consistently supports that conclusion." They don't cite a single poll because that assertion is blatantly false. Just this weekend, a new poll released by Scripps Howard News Service and Ohio University proves that exactly the opposite is true. That poll shows that the percentage of Americans who believe the Federal Government is "very secretive" has doubled in the last two years alone (to 44%)'"
The Media

One Minute of Science Per Five Hours of Cable News 184

ideonexus writes "The Pew group has released its annual study into the state of news media. They conclude that science and technology content is a rare treat for cable newscast viewers; some five hours of programming could pass with the average viewer seeing only one minute of science news coverage."

100-Year-Old Electric Car Design Makes a Comeback 385

CNet's Green Tech Blog is reporting that Detroit Electric plans to release a small number of cars based around a car designed nearly 100 years ago. Detroit Electric is a joint venture between Santa Rosa, CA-based electric transportation specialist, Zap and China's Youngman motors. "Back in 1917, a Detroit Electric cost anywhere from $1,775 to $2,375--in other words, fit for the proletarian or plutocrat. The cars could go 65 miles to 100 miles on a battery charge, but only go at speeds ranging from 6 miles per hour to 25 mph."

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