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Comment Re:VOIP sucks. (Score 1) 426

Hardly an exaggeration.
I'm in a fairly large city, and can drive down to a gi-f'n-gantic glass tower with a Verizon logo glued to it, 30 or 40 floors up. I can attest to those high prices.

These fine chaps charged $30 + taxes and fees for a basic local landline. No feeps whatsoever other than local calls. Even calls across the bridge into the next county (25 miles away) incurred an extra fee.

If you needed a second phone line (ie: the teen in the house (me at that time), who is working a part time job so he can have his own phone), Verizon would charge a special fee for not having the primary line. The fee was about $3 or $4 on top of the basic, local service and taxes. I was paying about $40 a month, and my (grand)mother was paying $34 or $35.

The cost weaseled its way up a little in the past half decade, but I was done with Verizon at that point.
They wouldn't offer a dry loop DSL package in that area (near an air force base -- that should tell you where I am), so to have DSL, I was paying $75 a month. Of course, on top of that, DSL wouldn't work for about a week each month, but they insisted it worked.
Got tired of the argument, left them for cable, and have been happy since.

$63 a month for plain cable internet, no TV.
Built an antenna for $10 or so for digital.
Good times.

Comment Re:I have no issue with this (Score 1) 900

Um, I've never had to add a layer just to crop.

I just select the crop tool, select the area, and hit the crop button.
Or, I can use any of the select tools, select the area(s), and choose to crop from a menu (not sitting in front of the app at the moment, so harder for me to name the menu, sorry).

Comment Along with reading a book, ... (Score 1) 342

This makes me wonder how it would handle a person who, in a novel moment, takes an antiperspirant and applies it everywhere that they could possibly sweat just an hour or two before they go through a fear detector.

Gives new meaning to the phrase "Wear deodorant, #@&&^!"

(It's called SpeedStick, it's not expensive.)

Comment Re:I've never really understood this device (Score 1) 192

I know it can be done.

I was perfectly happy in the back seat of the car for our forever-hour drive from home to our destination. All I had were those little die-cast cars and conversation with mom and dad.
This was nearing the end of an age where people didn't have a hissyfit because your kid is sprawled out, laying on the backseat of the car, asleep, with no seatbelt. (Looking back at that, and imagining a kid asleep like that in cars built in the last couple of years scares the everloving snot out of me. Cars back then seemed to be so much more durable, I should add.)

The scenario I cooked a little while ago is one of those "adapted to our current day and age" scenarios.
I don't have children or anyone who would bear children for me.

(By the way, that swat to the ass? Dad drove. Mom hit when I misbehaved. :))

Comment Re:I've never really understood this device (Score 3, Funny) 192

I see exactly one use for the device.

Assume for a moment that we have a family - a mother, a father, two and a half kids, and the dog. We're on a vacation (as opposed to staycation), and we're driving to [popular tourist destination] because it's cheaper than flying, even if it takes 19 hours of non-stop driving to get there.

This family has a netbook for the children in the backseat to play their little saved games (perhaps you stuck an emulator on there and are letting them get acquainted with the golden age of gaming). The father has a mobile broadband card that is plugged into his laptop so that he can get at email.

The kids get bored eventually of playing whatever game it is (Earthbound, perhaps), and want to log on to neopets to check on their zafara and their shoyru. You're at hour 8 of the drive.

Decision time!
Do you:
* Hand dad's much more expensive laptop to the kids in the back seat and hope they don't screw it up?
* Drop the mobile broadband card into a device designed to share the connection, and connect the kids this way over their netbook?
* Powder your hands and recite the Pimp's Prayer, then reach back and smack a bottom or two, telling them to settle down and keep playing those emulated games you got them, even though they [barely understand how to play them|are bored by your choice of games]?

I'd not hand the kids dad's laptop. That's just a no-go. That's why they got the netbook, so they can stay off the big computer.
It's a little hard to reach back and slap that kid on his ass when you're doing 70.
It's easiest to tell the wifey to drop the card into the mobile router and share the connection. Maybe she'll stop paying as much attention to Facebook and actually, y'know... talk to you while you're driving.

(there are other scenarios that are similar to this, as well.)

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