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Comment Flawed, or useable? (Score 1) 53

I assume that things that sound the same in this demo, would be recognized as the same gesture.
It is shown that doing the same gesture produces the same sounds over and over again, so that gesture would be reliably recognized.

But, this would be extremly dependant on the type of surface and the spot on the surface, that the gesture is performed on. Changing either the spot on the surface, or to another surface entirely, would alter the outcome of the gesture, even though it is actually the same. That is also shown in the video.
How would they work around that?
Maybe by only looking at signals in relation to each other, not at the total signal?

Comment The story behind this (Score 5, Funny) 289

most likely goes like this:
- some genius put that original backpack computer together
- he barely made it work, but he was not sure why it worked and he never bothered to write any documentation
- he left as soon as it was up and running, out of fear that it might break any moment and he had no idea what to do then
- now it is breaking apart and the genius is gone.
- it is your job to fix it, good luck

Comment Re:I can kinda see both point of views.. (Score 1) 390

But aren't those physical limitation the original reason for a library to exist?
If you can copy a book unlimited times with no cost whatsoever, then why would you need a place that stores a bunch of them for lending purposes?
You aren't really lending it anyway, you just copy it one more time. It will still be available to every other visitor, no matter how what.

The only reason you would do this is the low cost access to books for everyone. But in this case, it stands alone, there are no other reasons attached to it, like with physical books. It really eliminates the reason for a library to exist.

Comment 14 days return (Score 2) 128

I don't know how it is in Australia, but around here, you can return anything you bought online within 14 days and get your money back (as long as you can actually return it as you got it, so food/software etc usually not included).
What do people expect happens to stuff that gets returned? Of course it goes on sale again. Otherwise selling online would be economic suicide...

Comment New Life? (Score 1) 255

What is new about this?
I have done the same thing with my old modded Xbox years ago. Streaming video from a pc/NAS that is.
Had to stop when the poor box couldn't handle decoding the newer video files in real time any more, because they kept getting bigger. Well, I went from Xbox to Zbox.

I guess with the new ones you don't need to mod and install XBMC anymore? That means they always had this feature, so it's not new.

Comment Why open? (Score 2) 325

What do you expect from making those specialized algorithms open source?
Usually, you would go open source if you want someone to work with and improve upon the things you have.
You could open source ways to implement your sensors into applications, an open source library that implements things you can do with them for example.
A good, open library that I know I can alter to suit my needs, is something I look for when choosing hardware, such as ICs.
Or even hardware specs that would allow people to find new purposes for them. If you do that, you might get useful things in return and attract developers to work with your sensors.

In this case, you I would say, you should keep your sensors as a black box and let people use them as such. Then open source everything around that, that eases the use of them.

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