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Comment Re:And this is somehow supposed to be a surprise? (Score 2, Insightful) 1010

'humans and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time'?
If this is really how they presented the question, then I dare say that a good amount of those 33% did not understand what was being asked here.
Someone who has no preference on the topic, or in science in general, would not necessarily make the connection to evolution, or even biology with such an abstract wording.

Comment Re:Sound proofing... (Score 2) 110

Too bad a single setup of meta material typically only works for a very specific wavelength.
So, it could be helpful with applications using a defined wavelength (for example soundproofing an array of many ultrasonic transcievers from each other to reduce interference), but it won't mask you from a wide array of sounds.

Comment Re:Design a better User Interface? (Score 1) 180

You are joking, but that is pretty much what I'd expect from a working voice command interface (minus the misunderstandings!):
To be able to make conversation about the narrow field of $device_purpose.

So yes, a voice operated radio should be able to tell me what radio station I am listening to.
And it should understand common keywords that have to do with music, news, sound and such things.

Comment Re:Wow, this _is_ kind of a shame (Score 1) 366

They went and collected a random sample of clamps out of the million(billion) clamps down there, and one out of their sample happened to be over 500 years old.

How do you see the chance that they randomly picked the oldest clamp on the planet?

By the laws of large numbers there are a lot of clamps still down there, that are older than this one.
So rest asured, the oldest animal on the planet was not killed (I would have said 'is still alive' but that's circular logic).

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