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Comment Re:correlation (Score 1) 1121

What does this have to do with Occam's Razor?
Between 'someone got themselves a new pair of shoes' on one side and the whole mess that forms theist culture and worldviews on the other, which for some reasons still unknown to me leads to the spiriting away of packets in the name of god (?), I'd say the former is clearly the simpler theory.

Comment Re:correlation (Score 4, Insightful) 1121

I noticed the same comment and it struck me as incredibly stupid.

USA post offices look for abnormal packages. Most drugs are sent in unusual packages so they are opened searched and resealed. If the tape said "GOD'S LAST STAND!" or "HAIL MARY!" you would have seen the same problem. One of those would have made for a better control.

I have my doubts about the drug thing. Why would people send their drugs in packages that look suspicious? Of course, if the post office only searches suspicious packages, all the drugs they'll find will be in suspicious packages, so mabye they feel like they are on the right track...

Now just because it is stupid, does not mean it can't be a real post office guideline.

Comment Re:Nobody will care (Score 1) 209

If you are old right now and do this thing, you might be one of the few out of your generation who has made these records available.
That should set you apart from the other 127 not so tech savvy grandpas and grandmas.

Being the most ancient entry in the digital family tree will surely draw you some attention. So grab the chance.

Us younger people will just be another record in between.

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