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Comment How do you know both cards performed the same task (Score 2) 147

Maybe the Open Source driver does not support all the same features the NVidia one does?

I mean who can see from their screen if the GPU really did all of the 100+ flashy named video processing tasks and whatever else it was supposed to do?
Maybe it flunked on a certain texture-whatever effect and did a faster, almost as good one?
Maybe NVidia puts more auxillery tasks on the GPU, like physics stuff?

How can we compare the 2 drivers, when one of them is closed? And they dont even run on the same cards for AMD/NVidia...

Comment Re:Le effect Streissand. (Score 3, Insightful) 179

Unlike the usual cases, the Streisand effect does not really fit here.
Sure it will happen.
But the french intelligence agency does not care about 'public attention'. They care about what information other intelligence agencies can obtain about their bases.
And if those are interested in said base at all, they will find the info wikipedia has on it, with, or without Miss Streisand's help.

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