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Comment Re:Internet is need, not a want. (Score 4, Insightful) 331

No, you will not.
Not as an active part of society at least. As involuntarily and essential services like paying your taxes, registering business, all kinds of insurances move to online only, you just can not participate in the economy anymore without internet access.

Sure, go live in the forrests dependant on no one else. There you won't need internet. But these rights are not made for hermits, they are made for citizens.

Comment Re:No.. just no... (Score 2) 313

"If you cant execute your idea, then what are you bringing to the table?"

Isn't that how it usually works when someone employs you?

I don't get why everyone is so against doing the actual work. That's what you get paid for after all.
The guy with the idea should just know enough, to be able to assess how reasonable his idea is. If he then pays me to do the rest of the work for him, all is well.

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