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Comment Trade Wars (Score 1) 186

I had Trade Wars running on my BBS back in the day.

It was a version that I wrote from scratch in Turbo Pascal, since I wasn't able to locate an official copy. It was harder to find stuff back in the pre-web, pre-search-engine days...

I still have a copy in my archives.

Comment Lack of large-scale consequences (Score 2, Interesting) 98

It's because so far, there haven't been any large-scale consequences resulting from the widely-publicized breaches.

Sure, a bunch of people's info got released, and some of those people had serious identity-theft issues resulting from it, but most of the people affected got new credit card numbers and moved on.

When there's a data breach that results in a bank going belly-up, or major stock fraud, or large loss of life, then a reputation for security might start to matter.

Comment Re:UK Law vs US Law (Score 3, Insightful) 278

And if you came home and found such a note on your table, what would your reaction be?

Would it be "My my, I should really double check to make sure the door was locked. Thanks, Anonymous Note Writer!"

Probably not. Most likely, it would be something like "Holy crap, who does that guy think he is coming into my house and poking around without permission?" followed by vague feelings of unease and paranoia.

Yes, the systems should have been secured better. But that still doesn't give someone permission to go poking around in them, any more than someone has permission to go poking around in your house if the door is unlocked.

Comment Re:So, basically (Score 1) 307

Imagine the workplace. Right now, if I hear anything from the surrounding cubes, it's a tap-tap-tap of keys that fades into the background.

Should someone be on a phone call, or heaven forbid, speakerphone, it's an active distraction.

Now imagine everyone around you talking to their computers. You'd never get anything done, especially if someone is dictating a requirements document. The horror...

Speech will never supplant the keyboard for the vast majority of current computer usage.

This isn't saying that some new paradigm or use won't come up. There might be something that uses speech to supplement something that you're using your hands and/or feet for. Changing the music or using your turn signal while driving, for example. In effect, allowing you to use your voice as a third hand.

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