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Comment Re: Here is one thing that I do notice (Score 1) 289

This is a fine example of how retarded Google's strategy is.
I mean, does anyone even remember how Google Docs was supposed to be the Microsoft Office killer??? Nowadays, you'd best not lay all your chips on their shit. They might do some "Spring cleaning" or some shit, and your SOHO workflow goes BOOM!

Comment Re: Yeah. (Score 1) 289

You mean, won't notice until they do notice, right?
Android has no updates for it.
The Google Play store will leave them dead in the water, sooner or later.
Google hasn't a clue about how to treat customers. Customers are just numbers they crunch on big data. Look how they simply pull out features people used everyday on their products (or how stagnant they are - or is there any other reason Evernote, Dropbox, etc were able to eat away at Google mindshare for niche products ?)
Fact is, Apple will give more return on your investment. That's why people remain loyal to that brand.
There's really only one brand name that you attach to Android (Samsung).
Android sells more because it's cheaper. It's the Windows 95 of mobile phones.

Comment Re:Anti-linux (Score 1) 279

You thought wrong. Linux was a free software project backed by IBM so Sun Microsystem and HP's Unix and every other proprietary Unix could be put out of business, because IBM sold Big Iron.

And now we're in a much better world because stuff that ran certified Unixen (such as radar and medical equipment) moved on to fucking Windows, because they couldn't trust the no-vendor-is-responsible business motto of the likes of Mr. Torvalds and Mr. Stallman.

Because if that situation, we began to see airports shutting down, because the air traffic optimization software went bezerk, banks and financial transactions that go sunny side up these days during marketing hours, medical emergency systems that hang, and so and so forth. And now, the world's biggest asshole, that Oracle CEO dick head owns Java. Whoopee!

Comment Re:This is how shuttleworth kills ubuntu (Score 1) 279

Mass-market Ubuntu, based on Unity ?!

Unity was the single most retarded move in Free Software. People mistakingly complain about Dash, but Dash is the piss-poor implementation of the modeless interface invented by Humanized, which was a good thing they invented (all home Windows machines run Humanized's Enso). And Qt is making C++ viable again for fast development, with its C++11 support - and the KDE guys have stuck with Qt through and through - but they just thought it better to break shit up at Ubuntu and stick with Gnome. Sure, Gnome is nice to have, it's all about C but it's showing its age. Like so many free software products, it is yet another proof that good quality demands a full time staff, and there is none for Gnome.

However, Unity is the piss-poor implementation of the piss-poor Gnome 2, which was the piss-poor implementation of the Mac OS 8 Human Interface Guidelines.

So it's recursively bad. It's just an endless spiral of shit. Ubuntu developers really need to get their heads out of their asses and take a look at the hardware accelerated Windows 8 (I know the UI is seriously broken, but the visual rendering is stunning) or Mac OS X. That is what a mass-market has come to expect, not an orange dock bar with icons in low-res an primary colors Get f*ing real!!

Comment Re:Shuttleworth shills ubuntu (Score 1) 279

Face it: Linux distros have failed. Everyone of them. Debian crumbled under its own weight (now, official purveyor of royal free software jelly for the Ubuntu Queen), Red Hat once was good, but now they sell per seat licenses and they've fed the deject (known as Fedora - or "bad smell") to the community, SuSE never really was, Mandriva is a stupid distro with a stupid name, Slackware died (it was a one-man show), the other small distros are just orbiting parasites and never get any traction.

The BSD distros are the complete opposite: resilient, tried & true, solid, a no holds bared, no bullshit truly free software, disciplined, community & business oriented, quietly toiling away and perfecting their solutions, and recently offering an edge over Linux, with many technically superior innovations that will never even be ported because of the GPL.

Suck it up, Linux fanboys.

Comment Your demigods suck (Score 1) 279

I think it really speaks volumes about competence and vision when a millionaire took a bunch of supposedly übergeeks from Debian and came up with Unity, while, another millionaire took Unix developers and developed a full-on Unix-based GUI based on the Smalltalk-inspired objective-C, then took a microkernel that was dead in the FSF's water, souped it up with BSD user land and came up with Mac OS X. Now, you tell me, who is the wisest?

Comment What community? (Score 1) 279

WTF are you talking about? If you use Ubuntu, you use a product of Shuttleworth's company. And what is this "community" you're talking about? Linux developers sometimes don't have the decency of writing portable Unix software (as anybody with a BSD experience witll tell you - Autotools my ass!). Is Red Hat part of the "community"? If it is, then they suck, because Fedora sucks, they're Red Hat's fart, and Red Hat sells per-seat licenses. So does SuSE. And the failing Mandriva. Debian ceased to exist on its own a long time ago, when their workflow imploded the distro, grinding eveything to a halt. It is now officially the provider of royal jelly for the Queen Bee of free software, Ubuntu.


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