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Comment Re:Real world equivalents (Score 1) 243

If you do it long enough, you are loitering.

If you are coordinating a distributed attack on a system and preventing others access, thus damaging a companies ability to do business...then yes, that indeed should be illegal.

But, taking the example of 100 people getting in line at Chick-fil-a, how can you (as the store's management) tell the difference between a hungry customer and one who is participating in this coordinated attack, without waiting for them to get to the register and not order? Do you make it illegal to not order food? How would you even write a law to make such practice illegal?

Flip this around and put yourself in the other shoes. Pretend this was your website and was the way that you made money. I'd imagine you would want it to be illegal for someone to take away your ability to run your business.

I would go to great lengths to not provoke someone into or motivate someone to organizing such an attack. People don't just wake up in the morning and say, "Gee, I think I'm going to try to take down Joe's Auto Parts web site today!!" for no reason.

Comment Re:LOL alternatives (Score 2, Insightful) 218

Their culture must really be a great fit with Microsoft's.

Skype Guy: "You know, there are already open protocols for doing all of this. But I'm just going to ignore the existing standards, create my own proprietary ones, and try to lock customers in!"

The result? Today the world of VOIP is set back years, a fragmented mess of incompatibility, with the leading vendor having a closed, proprietary solution.

Right out of Microsoft's playbook. It's almost as if Bill Gates himself was one of the Skype founders.

Comment Re:Content free campaigning (Score 2) 90

Why focus on changing people's minds (difficult) when you can simply focus on voter count (easy). Democrats tend to win when voter turnout is high, and Republicans tend to win when voter turnout is low. So, depending on your party, it's more effective to invest your efforts into Get Out To Vote or into Voter Suppression, than it is to try to change peoples' minds.

Comment Re:Capitalism. (Score 1) 81

Oh, I agree.. Not saying it wouldn't suck. Just disputing the claim that the stock market (in general) serves a "societal good". Certainly the initial stock sale (and subsequent stock issues) benefit society by allowing companies to be financed, and if you really stretch you can say that the ability for someone to invest and receive interest and dividends is good for society. But taken as a whole, including high-frequency trading, derivatives, futures, securitization of all sorts of crazy assets etc. the stock market serves no more of a societal good than a giant roulette wheel.

Comment Re:Capitalism. (Score 3, Interesting) 81

I dislike the whole mechanism of the stock market as much as the next guy; but theoretically, at least, it DOES serve a social purpose: The shareholder invests in a company, giving it the capital to expand its business. This is presumably good for the economy, and society as a whole.

Fine, but only the initial sale of stock to the very first investors actually delivers capital to the company (company itself is selling to the investors). No trade from investor to investor results in more capital to the company--at that point it's just gambling, and the existence of the shares no longer serves any social purpose.

Require an investor to purchase shares directly from the company and hold them forever, and you'd have a different stock market.

Comment Re:I wouldn't trust non-professional reviewers (Score 4, Insightful) 248

You've made my point for me better than I could.

It may not have been your intention to review Dairy Queen, but the above rant reads an awful lot like many (most) user-generated reviews out there. It was a nit-picky anecdote, which told the reader nothing about the quality of the food, the price, the setting, etc. Just one person's isolated bad experience with the restaurant owner. I give it a 99% chance that if I happen to walk into that Dairy Queen, I won't even know who the manager, let alone have an altercation with him.

Most "one star" amateur online reviews are grumpy customers who want to stick it to the man for some perceived slight against them, not honest comprehensive assessments of the business and product. Most "five star" amateur online reviews are simply fans who personally like the business reviewed. Neither really give me an idea of what the business will be like.

What's important is what the reader's experience will be, not what the writer's experience was. An amateur reviewer will tell me why they loved or hated something. A professional reviewer will tell me why I will love or hate it.

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