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Comment Re:Actually optical choppers are very useful (Score 1) 137

Laser diodes, used in CD/DVD/whatever have a terrible beam quality for cutting and a mostly inappropriate wavelength, but they can be switched on/off quite fast. Think of fiber optics...
Other techs may be pretty slow to turn on/off, but have quite good beam quality for cutting. The most widely used is CO2 laser for that, which can take from 100's of us to a couple ms to turn on/off. With these lasers it's faster to move it optically away with mirrors of defocussing with lenses.

Comment Re:Accidents at Camera Intersections go up/down? (Score 1) 567

Stats here show increase in rear-endings, gotta find some reference... We have countdown timers, reasonable yellow and cameras.
Accidents have gone down with the cameras, as well as risky situations. The increase of awareness of when the light would stop increased some rear-ending due to some people stopping too early, thus unexpectedly by who was coming behind. There's the bad habit here of driving very near, much less than the safety distance.

Comment Re:Reliability? (Score 1) 263

I would expect a big difference from low end consumer crap to high end industrial/server disks.
Since price is still very high, probably we're talking about mostly consumer drives, some may even be incorrectly advertised as server.
SD/CF cards for industrial use are pretty old and highly reliable on harsh environmental conditions and abuse. For some strange reason they're at least 2x more expensive than consumer ones from the same manufacturer, much more if compared with Chinese brand-less disposable ones.

Comment Re:OhNo! (Score 1) 532

I'd really like to see a summary of the specification. Do you have a link? Too lazy to google it now.

From the rather thin article or the summary, it looked a lot more like a shiny new look with some extra storage features for larger than 2TB systems. Although that is incompatible with the cited complexity.

Now, back to the interface...
I mean, the pure text interface is much less inviting to mess with than a graphic and iconic interface. I'm really under the impression that when people have only a text they tend to give more importance to understanding what they are doing than when they have images to select what to do. I consider that to be true also with OS configuration or any software.

Submission + - vanishing android apps ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: This is one headline Google doesn't want to see this morning. Less than 24 hours after Apple introduced its latest and greatest creation, the iPhone 4, at its conference for Apple developers, a small, but growing group of Android developers are reporting issues with their updated applications disappearing from the Android Market.

What's worse, the developers can't seem to get Google's attention, even after multiple forum postings, blog posts, tweets and an item posted to Android "bug tracker." Google either isn't aware of the problem, now several days old, or just isn't communicating with its developer community.

Comment Re:I disagree! (Score 1) 348

Current audio codecs are the crappiest analog front ends available now.
I read the grandparent mostly as "analog used to be better on PC sound". My view is that's somewhat true, they had a larger budget back then and the audio analog could really be physically apart from the digital noisy part. Bitrates have gone up, sample depth have gone up, background noise level have gone up as well. Analog was expensive back then, analog is expensive right now. Audio budget has decreased a lot.
I've tried to find a reasonable audio codec sometimes for use as a cheap analog interface, since they're more than 10x cheaper than an instrumentation converter. Never worked, too high noise level, too unstable references.

No Sig.

Comment Re:It was a farce... (Score 1) 384

A vote can be wasted by voting in someone you actually like in some scenarios. Maybe you fail to see them because of the two-parties problem.
This seems to be one such scenario. If you have parties A, B, C and D and you like D the most, C is reasonable and A and B are crap but lead the election by a small margin over C, you may waste your vote by voting on D, since a vote on C may give them a lead over A or B.

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