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Comment Re:Customers don't know what they want. (Score 1) 360

BF3 eh I'm not losing any sleep on that one but what I am worried about is Mass Effect 3 as I am eager to finish the story but I still cannot bring myself to purchase a game through or install Origin.

With way things seem to be going with EA's crusade against Steam and PC gamers we all know ME3 will be priced like a console game, will be released on Origin only and will never be released on Steam. I guess I'll just watch the ME3 endings on YouTube to finish the story as just like every game that has come out recently I have no intentions of paying console prices them and I will buy my games where I want to buy them.

Comment Re:AT&T's Response (Score 1) 301

I'm not going to get too excited as I really just think it is smoke and mirrors at this point and if I had to take a guess the US Government is just putting on a show to make it look as if they tried to do something. Still if this is truly and really a legitimate attempt by the government to protect the citizens of this nation I still think that AT&T will just deploy the lobbyists, pad some campaign contributions and the deal will still go through.

Call me skeptical but I find it hard to believe that the Government is doing the right thing and if they are I really don't believe they'll resist AT&T's lobbyists.

Comment Re:Good or bad? (Score 1) 373

Given Samsung's TouchWiz UI or Motorla's Motoblur I am 100% in support of Google making some terms for these companies to quit ruining the Android OS. It seems most of the hold ups on the newer generation hardware is due to these terrible UI modifications (see Samsung Galaxy S line or any Motorola phone that wasn't the Droid, Droid 2 or Droid Global) or their releasing two year outdated hardware as a new phone now.

Comment Re:Scare tactics (Score 1) 154

On the other hand, if the phone manufacturers did not distribute the software at all, but rather required you to run a piece of software that downloads and installs the OS directly from Google, it would likely absolve them. I think that's what the GP was trying to get at. Or maybe not. Hard to say. My interpretation was that they were looking for a way to shift the patent suits to Google (where they belong) instead of to a mere distributor.

Actually, this is one thing that bothers me about patent law. I'm of the opinion that one tiny change would make it much, much better: require that any lawsuit over patent infringement must first occur with the first party in the supply chain that ostensibly infringed the patent. In this case, it would be Google. In the case of commercial codec licensing, it would be the manufacturer of the video gear that did not pay a commercial use licensing fee, but who should reasonably have known when they sold the product to you that it would be used commercially. In the case of a chip vendor suing a product vendor for using their patented technology, that product vendor could simply point up the chain and say, "You have to sue the chip vendor that provided us with those parts first." And so on.

Require a judgment for each vendor in the chain prior to filing suit against the next vendor, and make it grounds for dismissal of the case (with prejudice for repeat offenders) if this rule is not followed. Finally, make it such that if the previous case did not find in favor of the plaintiff, the plaintiff must prove that the primary reason for that loss was that the earlier vendor could not have been aware that the later vendor was going to use the product in an infringing way.

I'd be all for this solution where I get to buy the hardware and then I get to compile the Android source myself including any restricted extras I want instead of the vendor crapping it up, all I'd need is the hardware vendor to actually provide the drivers.

I don't see how it isn't a win-win for everyone and all you would nee for non tech people is the USB cable in the box, an active internet connection requirement to get the source from Google then finally a simple self compiler script with the only options of "next" then "finish".

Too bad this will never happen.

Comment Re:Whatever everyone else is doing (Score 1) 717

Especially if you spot a Chevy Caprice or a Ford Crown Vic.

Otherwise, 95MPH for me. Time is money.

These days it is impossible to keep up with what cops are driving. Some cities in Ohio have a mix of Impalas and Crown Vics, some have all Chargers, some have a mix of Explorers and Vics. Some have all chargers and then some are all impalas.

I find it is just best to find out your State's max tolerance for going over and set the cruise for one MPH below that.

In Ohio if the posted limit is 55 or higher cops can write you a ticket but it will not be worth any points and it will be at the lowest fine possible so most cops in Ohio only look for people going 10+. They know if they pull you over for less then 10 you are less likely to fight it, henceforth no overtime and they can only get the minimal amount of revenue generation for it so they just wait for someone who is going 10 or more over.

Comment Re:False (Score 1) 366

Option 4 there is exactly why I didn't buy a Nexus One and I'm really hoping this "Project Emerald" HTC is working on for T-Mobile is what it is all rumored to be.
4.3" screen with a physical keyboard. Yeah it is supposed to have that new dual core ARM processor and some other crap but all I really care about is a high end device with a keyboard.

Comment Seriously? (Score 0) 793

Where are they finding these jurors at? Where is the constitution on this one? I just recently served as a juror and I was told to look at the evidence and testimony presented then come to a conclusion based on this without bias. How could anyone come to a verdict like this given the evidence from both sides? Do these people not realize at any time they could be a victim just as the defendant, open Wi-Fi anyone? This has to be a blatant violation of her 8th Amendment rights, this is wrong on so many levels it makes my head hurt.

Penguin Poop Seen From Space 86

Scientists have found ten new emperor penguin colonies by spotting their skid marks on the Antarctic ice from satellite images (video on page). The ice around the penguins gets very dirty because they congregate in a small area in very large colonies for months. Peter Fretwell, Mapping Expert, British Antarctic Survey says, "What we find is that we can see the guano (excrement) from space. They stay in the same space in very large colonies for eight months of the year and the ice around them gets very dirty, and it's that that we can see on the satellite images."

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