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Comment Re:False (Score 1) 366

Option 4 there is exactly why I didn't buy a Nexus One and I'm really hoping this "Project Emerald" HTC is working on for T-Mobile is what it is all rumored to be.
4.3" screen with a physical keyboard. Yeah it is supposed to have that new dual core ARM processor and some other crap but all I really care about is a high end device with a keyboard.

Comment Seriously? (Score 0) 793

Where are they finding these jurors at? Where is the constitution on this one? I just recently served as a juror and I was told to look at the evidence and testimony presented then come to a conclusion based on this without bias. How could anyone come to a verdict like this given the evidence from both sides? Do these people not realize at any time they could be a victim just as the defendant, open Wi-Fi anyone? This has to be a blatant violation of her 8th Amendment rights, this is wrong on so many levels it makes my head hurt.

Penguin Poop Seen From Space 86

Scientists have found ten new emperor penguin colonies by spotting their skid marks on the Antarctic ice from satellite images (video on page). The ice around the penguins gets very dirty because they congregate in a small area in very large colonies for months. Peter Fretwell, Mapping Expert, British Antarctic Survey says, "What we find is that we can see the guano (excrement) from space. They stay in the same space in very large colonies for eight months of the year and the ice around them gets very dirty, and it's that that we can see on the satellite images."

Comment Re:Eye Opener (Score 1) 461

That was a great night.
I remember sitting on the top of a lakefront with building with nothing but moonlight and the stars. We decided to finish off the beer a friend had in his fridge and shared it with all the neighbors and friends there. We had cold beer, a guitar, no technology, the day off and honestly I think it was one the more enjoyable nights of my life.

Comment Re:Nonsense. (Score 1) 390

Farnsworth: These are the dark matter engines I invented. They allow my starship to travel between galaxies in mere hours.
Cubert: That's impossible. You can't go faster than the speed of light.
Farnsworth: Of course not. That's why scientists increased the speed of light in 2208.
Cubert: Also impossible.
Farnsworth: And what makes my engines truly remarkable is the afterburner which delivers 200% fuel efficiency.
Cubert: That's especially impossible.
Farnsworth: Not at all. It's very simple.
Cubert: Then explain it.
Farnsworth: Now that's impossible. It came to me in a dream and I forgot it in another dream.
Data Storage

AnandTech Gives the Skinny On Recent SSD Offerings 96

omnilynx writes "With capacity on the rise and prices falling, solid state drives are finally starting to compete with traditional hard drives. However, there are still several issues to take into account when moving to an SSD, not to mention choosing between a widening array of offerings. Anand Lal Shimpi of AnandTech does a better job than anyone could expect detailing those issues (especially those related to performance) and reviewing the new offerings in the SSD arena. Intel's X25 series comes out on top for sheer speed, but OCZ makes a surprise turnaround with its Vertex drive giving perhaps the best value."

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