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Comment Re:Bobby Kotick again (Score 1) 344

You own a PC anyway, don't you? As long as you didn't buy a netbook in a desktop package, it was capable of playing current games when you bought it, and likely didn't cost you more than an XBox 360. If you took the $300-$500 you're also spending on the console, and spent it instead on upgrades to that PC over the course of the 5-6 years you expect from a console (a little more RAM, a not-quite-bleeding-edge GPU after 2-3 years), you'd be able to maintain a reasonable gaming experience for the same amount of cash. A better gaming experience, actually, since you wouldn't be stuck with crappy 5-6 year old hardware towards the end like you are with the console.

Comment Re:Bobby Kotick again (Score 1) 344

The man's clearly an idiot, since he's saying he would "aggressively support" HP or Dell in developing something that has existed for years. I mean really, is it that hard to buy a DVI-HDMI cable to hook up to your TV instead of a DVI-DVI cable to hook up to your monitor (assuming your TV doesn't have a DVI connector already)?

Comment Re:Science? What for? (Score 1) 618

As you point out, there's no room for religion in scientific discovery, so why do you assholes insist on bringing it up?

Because those other assholes keep trying to cram their religion into my science, where, as you so accurately point out, there is no room for it.

Comment Re:Science? What for? (Score 1) 618

Can you provide any examples of medicines directly attributable to the Theory of Evolution, instead of chemistry and/or genetics?

Congratulations, you've just disproven the old saw that there's no such thing as a stupid question.

Evolution is inseparable from genetics, since genetics is the mechanism by which evolution happens. Similarly, genetics is inseparable from chemistry, since chemistry is the mechanism by which genetics works.

Honestly, if you didn't learn this in your high school biology class you should go find your teacher and punch them in the face for screwing you out of a proper basic eduction.

Comment Re:Science? What for? (Score 1) 618

Yes, you have adapted. If you are able to pass that adaptation on as part of your genetic contribution to your as-yet-unconceived children, then it is evolution. Evolution does not exist until the trait is inherited by your descendants.

Comment Re:H1b visas and the job market (Score 1) 618

I'll finish off by saying if you think the sciences have it bad, you should see what has happened to the humanities.

Yeah, big surprise that all the rich white guys who who are the source of most funding aren't falling all over themselves to pay people to tell them how evil they are.

Comment Re:The main issue (Score 1) 495

I bet the CxOs and managers who orchestrated this farce got some massive, massive bonuses.

Before bailing to do it to another company.

But they have MBAs, so we know for certain that (a) those decisions were best for the company, and (b) they totally deserved those bonuses.

Unless you're implying that every MBA I've ever met is a greedy, self-serving, company-destroying liar...

Comment Re:Even if it was a mistake, it's still illegal (Score 1) 123

Where's the "wireless data sniffing" going on here? Is there some evidence that Google is hacking people's networks or sniffing their packets? You'll need to provide some evidence if you're making that claim.

From what I see, they don't need your consent at all. Why? Because they're only collecting data that YOU have already chosen to make publicly available. If they can see your wifi network from the street, then it's no different than if they were collecting data on what colors people painted their houses: zero consent required.

If Google is breaking the law here, then so are you every time you turn on a wireless enabled device and it scans for available networks.

Comment Re:It's called cognitive dissonance. (Score 1) 126

How ironic that you devote so much energy to pointing out the GP's logical inconsistencies while you ignore the glaring fallacy that is the basis of your own argument.

athiest != amoral

Most "Christian" morals* can be arrived at logically by examining the effects human behaviors have on society, and essentially doing a moral cost-benefit analysis. Moral codes exist to promote social stability, and as such you find certain mores in pretty much every human society, such as prohibitions on murder and stealing, marriage and corresponding prohibitions against adultery, prohibitions against incest, etc. The details of how a given culture defines those terms may vary, but the basic ideas are largely the same. It is common for societies to use religion as a way to encourage moral behavior, but religion is by no means necessary.

* the exceptions being those that deal with specific religious practices (idolatry, "false" gods, etc)

Comment Re:Why is China blocking porn? (Score 1) 126

Asian societies in general are very conservative when it comes to sex. The Japanese are an exception with regards to porn, but when it comes down to actually doing the nasty they're pretty conservative, at least by American standards.

If you were to do an item-by-item comparison of Chinese traditional morals vs. American traditional morals, you'd find more similarities than differences, and a lot of those difference would come down to the Chinese being more strict.

To give an example, I've been seeing a Chinese woman who was raised in one of China's more rural cities. When I first started hanging out with her it not only had to be in a public place, but there had to be another woman there with us to make sure nothing happened. She's relaxed on that point by now, but I'm still not allowed to touch her since she hasn't decided if she wants to marry me yet. She's a 36 year old divorcee, so it's not like she's an untouched virgin, but that's just how she was raised.

Comment Re:Why is China blocking porn? (Score 1) 126

I don't know anyone who goes to church or temple, and I know a lot of people.

What does that have to do with anything? You can only have religious beliefs if you go to a special building?

Who are these religious folk? Buddhists? Ancestor worship? Those aren't exactly 'religions' in the way that you or I would consider the term, they're more like traditions.

As a Buddhist, allow me to say that right there is some ignorant bullshit.

As for erroneous presumptions, it may be that your own presumptions could merely be one interpretation of the subjective reality that you live in, and you're denying that any other interpretation could exist. This is much closer to the real definition of ignorance.

Indeed it is. While we're on the subject, how about if you explain why you think Buddhism and Ancestor Worship aren't religions. I strongly suspect your argument is going to boil down to "it doesn't fit the mould of Judeo-Christian religions."

Chinese propaganda was loud and strong against Tibetans and their religion.

Wait, so the Tibetans have a religion then? You do realize the Tibetans are Buddhists, right?

It was the excuse that China used to march in and take over: we're liberating the workers from the chains of superstitious belief. It continues today with tirades against the Dalai Lama.

They also claimed national security (and still do), despite the fact that Tibet hadn't had a military force of any significance in roughly 800 years (ironically, since they converted to Buddhism).

A little learning goes a long way in curing ignorance.

Indeed it does. You should give it a try.

Comment Re:One more possibility... (Score 1) 126

>Ronald Reagan's assault on the working class

Oh, for Christ's sake. Reagan did what he could to slow the growth of the number one enemy of anyone who works for a living in this country.

Oh, I see. It totally makes sense that saddling the middle class with additional tax burdens to pay for a tax cut for the wealthy would be beneficial to the middle class. And besides, it's not like the real buying power of the middle class has any bearing on the economy or anything.

Face the facts: Reaganomics was a disaster for the vast majority of this country.

Comment Re:Verizon (Score 1) 115

I have a Blackberry with AT&T, and I'm frequently in Encinitas taking advantage of my uncle's large collection of surfboards. Yup, AT&T service is crap there. It's also crap in San Gabriel where I live, Yorba Linda where my daughter's school is, and Grass Valley where most of my family lives. It's ok in Fullerton as long as I'm not in the middle of a large building (like, say, in the bathroom in the Math and Science building at CSUF). Next paycheck will likely see me switching to Verizon, for both the coverage and to swap this crappy Blackberry for an Android phone.

Comment Re:"Faith Science Basis?" (Score 1) 714

Yes, multiverses are taught in public school science classes. It's a fairly well known model that's easy to explain to kids with a very basic understanding of probability. All that's required for it to show up is a high school physics teacher who finds it interesting, and those aren't too hard to find since it is interesting.

How valid or useful it might be scientifically is another topic entirely, and one that too many public school teachers are ill-equipped to participate in

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