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Comment Re:dumb questions (Score 1) 398

why cant they just have their current linux developers switch to mac? surely there are more people running that?

Yep, anybody can switch to any platform in an instant. It's not like you have to build up years of familiarity with the intrinsic ways of a particular environment, or learn any platform-specific APIs or anything like that.


Submission + - Australia Announces Net Censorship Legislation (smh.com.au) 1

Garrett Fox writes: Australia's ABC News reports that the country's Communication Minister, Stephen Conroy, is moving forward with plans for forced censorship of the Internet. He cites the recent test of ISP-level censorship as proof that it can work efficiently and effectively. "The Government believes that parents want assistance," and therefore must be forced to accept that help.

Submission + - Australian Internet Filtering Scheme Gets Green Li (theage.com.au)

An anonymous reader writes: Yes, folks, it's true: the Australian Government, on the back of the technical trials, has declared that it will be introducing legislation to make Internet filtering mandatory for all Australian ISPs. Watch the speed of Australian 'net access slow significantly; innocent websites get blocked; and the bad guys accessing the stuff they want regardless. Sigh. Anybody have a good job going in New Zealand, by any chance?

Submission + - Russia confirms failed missile launch (barentsobserver.com)

Ch_Omega writes: According to this article over at BarentsObserver, the giant spiral seen on the sky over Norway wednesday morning local time, has been confirmed to be be the result of a failed Russian missile launch. Russia now confirms that "...the missile was launched from submerged position in the White Sea by the nuclear submarine "Dmitri Donskoy". Studies of the telemetric data from the launch show that the two first stages of the missile functioned as they should, and that a technical malfunctioning occured during the third stage.."

There is also and article on this over at The Daily Mail.

Comment Re:SRWare Iron and firefoxs addons (Score 1) 291

I've never been too happy with Firefox's middle-click behavior, though. It seems to be mapped to a bunch of one-click operations that have apparently nothing to do with each other...

Middle click in window: paste clipboard buffer to URL bar and go.

So if you mistakenly middle-click while you're not over a link you get sent to some random place - quite possibly the badly-behaved DNS server's ad page... It all seems very arbitrary, like they just randomly mapped out a bunch of functions to the middle button.

Go to Firefox Preferences > Advanced > General, and turn on "Use autoscrolling".

"Autoscrolling" is a little "autopilot" mode for scrolling, triggered when you middle-mouse on the window. Even if you don't care for that functionality, it intercepts the middle mouse button, and in effect stops the annoying "paste-n-go" behaviour you are experiencing.

Drives me nuts, too.


AbleGamers Reviews Games From a Disability Standpoint 125

eldavojohn writes "Early last month a visually impaired gamer sued Sony under the Americans with Disabilities Act (and if you think that people with disabilities don't play games, think again). The AbleGamers Foundation has decided to step forward and provide a rating system for games that blends together a number of factors to determine a score with regard to accessibility. Visual, hearing, motion, closed captioning, speed settings, difficulty settings and even colorblindness options are all taken into account when compiling these scores and reviewing these games."

Comment Re:More, more! (Score 1) 216

Google is releasing a lightweight Linux distro that can only run a web browser, and it's being treated like something amazing.

There, fixed that for you.

I for one hate waiting for the system to boot, when all I want to do is check my e-mail. Granted, Ubuntu 9.10 boots pretty fast, and 10.04 looks like it'll boot even faster, but you can only get so far without actually removing stuff.

Although if Haiku supported WiFi, it'd already be perfect. Boots in <5 seconds on my Eee PC.

Comment Re:Not a "right"! (Score 4, Informative) 312

If I had a "right" to electricity, nobody could legally shut it off.

I don't know about the situation in your country, but here in the Netherlands your water supply is not free, but you also cannot be cut off, because every citizen has the right to running water in their house. The same thing goes with gas during winter, because you cannot deny people the ability to warm their homes, even if they don't pay for it.

Education is another example. It's not only a right, it's even mandatory for children under 16, even though there is a fee to have your kid in a school.

Having the right to something doesn't mean you get it for free.

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