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Comment Re:Long time Ubuntu User here (Score 2) 798

Really, man. I saw it on a palmtop I did up for my wife and said, WTF??? Yeah, Unity is fine if you're a run of the mill user and for those guys who want all that flashy, spinny, whirly-twirly pretty desktop crap, but I simply haven't the time to figure out all over again yet another major change to my desktop. It seems like every time I turn around, some dope over at some distro maker''s shop gets all spun up about some new desktop, and then I have to find a new distro to get away from it. I'm on Mint now. At least I can keep a gnome 2 desktop on it and get some work done.

Comment Re:It's all about the Opinion (Score 1) 218

Compare Spamhaus with your local reporter who focuses mainly on restaurant reviews. Every week, he visits a new restaurant and writes a review. Some restaurants may end up with a good review and get lots of traffic as a result. Some may end up with a bad review, causing lots of people to avoid their restaurant, thus losing business. Same principles apply here. It's like saying, "We tried to talk to the owner to get things fixed, but we couldn't. We're now leaning on the waitress, to see if she will help us contact the owner. We may have to talk to the cook and enlist his help, too."

Comment Re:Good. (Score 2) 218

You don't realize how SMTP or the Internet works, my friend. A2B is about to suffer from a death by a good number of admins simply adding their network addresses to private firewall and routers settings. You see, what I do at the border of my network is my business. I consult Spamhaus for their opinion regarding the reputation of email traffic. My mail sever is set to query the Spamhaus DNS servers whenever another mail server connects to deliver mail. It's not by default that my server is set that way; I took action to make it so. Spamhaus is simply a consultant in this relationship. They watch for spammy mail. It's their list and if A2B didn't follow the requirements to be removed, then others like me may have problems receiving your email, again by our choice. Now, I'll take a few minutes to ensure that A2B's network blocks are listed in my own border router's rules file so that any traffic received there is simply tossed on the floor, not that I would expect much traffic. But then, that's just me. I can't predict the behavior of any other system admin out there. Your move.

Comment Welcome to the Corporate States of America... (Score 5, Insightful) 181

We have you right where we want you, meek and scared. Please leave your Liberty at the door, walk right in, get in queue over there, we'll give you your ID number and your occupational specialty. Then get in that line and we'll screen you with your urine sample to determine whether or not you use any substances that may somehow render your unable to work in our eyes.

It's all about control, folks, and you've lost every shred of it.

Comment Re:The horror... (Score 1) 152

Patents were never an issue in this case. SCO never held any that were relevant to the case. No, it's been about copyrights and who has the keys to the castle that would open up the litigation win treasure chest. Unfortunately for them, SCO has gasped its last.

Comment Re:Not Dead Yet? (Score 1) 152

They do not. They've sold off all assets. All that's left is a shell.

Personally, since helping to cover the case when it was SCO v Daimler-Chrysler in the Oakland County, MI District Court, I'm happy to see that it's played out to this end. We've known for years that SCO hasn't had a case since day one, and now this is the final nail in the coffin.

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