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Comment Hope this is useful... (Score 1) 307

I type for a living on a voice recognition system that handles medical reports for a large university hospital in a major metropolitan area in the Southeastern US. I can achieve an effective rate of 300-400 69-character lines per hour using a word expander program called Shortcut for Windows while editing voice recognized text. If our physicians are well scripted in their dictation, using the same phrases and format as usual, I can easily double that as I learn where the VR usually fails, move to those spots quickly, make necessary changes, then quickly verify the reports matches the audio with a listen in high-speed playback.
Some of our reports are typed in toto and I can average about 250-280 lines per hour if I use word expansion macros, usually 3-5 character mnemonic abbreviations that expand into difficult to type words, often used phrases, and even whole pages of boilerplate when necessary.
I do fairly well, but the transcription industry has been whittled away by substandard work delivered by overseas workers who are willing to work for half of what we used to make, and all the good shops are being bought up by big transcription businesses that love to ship work to overseas employees, if they can get away with it.

Comment Clue for advertisers (Score 1) 313

Search engine rank. Make it so I am able to find your products and services when I want/need them. Throwing flashy bouncy wobbly crap written to a 3rd grade reading level on every frickin' page doesn't make me want to click through to buy your product. Rather, it makes me want to install a filter so I never see that crap.

Comment Re:Does Groklaw claim to provide balanced analysis (Score 4, Insightful) 124

Groklaw's original mission was to show that SCO's case against IBM was a load of malarky from the get go, using nothing but the facts and evidence provided in the case by each side's legal briefs. I don't know if that's bias, but Groklaw and PJ have proven over and over that they seem to know both the facts and the law and get it right every single time.

Comment Begin at the beginning... (Score 1) 634

The best TOS episode for that is The Cage, the pilot with Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike, that didn't quite make it on the network and later was incorporated into the two-part Menagerie. Follow that up with Where No Man Has Gone Before, then Charlie X, then move on through the series from there. If they don't get it with the original series, they'll be lost on the rest.

Comment Re:Why So Serious? (Score 1) 396

Maybe this is why so serious? You were likely in grade school, sonny.

Ballmer: "Linux is a cancer"

Contaminates all other software with Hippie GPL rubbish
By Thomas C Greene in Washington DC

Posted in Software, 2nd June 2001 18:19 GMT

Microsoft CEO and incontinent over-stater of facts Steve Ballmer said that "Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches," during a commercial spot masquerading as a media interview with the Chicago Sun-Times Friday.

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