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Comment Re:Earth (Score 2) 116

The theory of a 6000-year-old Earth was made by Archbishop Ussher in the 1640s, not in the Middle Ages which ended 400-500 years earlier.

It was a valid theory at the time, based on the best available evidence, but wrong. Even today there are many theories which are commonly accepted as scientifically valid, but which are most likely wrong in part or entirely. Our descendants will laughingly mock anyone who still believes them, just as some of us dare to mock today.

Comment Re:it just doesn't matter (Score 1) 775

The average car on the road is something like 11 years old, maybe older. Just because some people trade for a new car every 3 years does not mean their old one is scrapped -- they are driven into the ground, usually, unless totaled in a crash. And the typical used car ends up with 200-300 thousand miles before it goes to the crusher.

EVs really aren't designed to last that long. So whatever fixed environmental costs there are to manufactured the vehicle and later on to scrap it must be distributed over a smaller number of miles.

Comment Re:Russia? Please... they were amateurs. (Score 1) 549

Clapper was told the day before the hearing that he would be asked this question. He had an entire day to craft a truthful answer or to decline to answer the question in an open hearing. A trained lawyer would not have lied under oath. Clapper is a career military officer and must not have considered the consequences of telling a bald-faced lie.

Comment Re:Geotarding? (Score 1) 153

I have found that Google makes corrections to Maps when users notify them of the problems. I can immediately think of three reports I sent in which resulted in corrections.

Have you tried to tell Google about the problem with your location?

Comment Re:Cooling (but speed too) (Score 1) 607

Because of that old speed-of-light conundrum, it makes sense to fit the processors and memory as close as possible to each other. A round shape is optimal, a cylindrical shape is essentially the same. Spreading everything out inside a huge box may be convenient for upgrades, but it slows down the speed of operations.

Moving the other peripherals outside the device and connecting them with cables also helps with the heat problem.

I think the new Mac Pro is fantastic, but I have no personal need for anything with even 1/10th this much power.

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