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Comment Re:Legal groundwork (Score 1) 442

It is in their business interests to threaten torrents of content that people have permission to download (e.g., Linux, independent musicians, movie projects like "Sintel." The copyright cartels business model is based upon "you want to publish your stuff? We own the channels. Sign over the rights to us and become our serf." Having an independent distribution vector threatens that business model.

Comment Re:What about chromatic aberrations? (Score 1) 202

Chromatic abberations are probably going to be a mess. As soon as I saw the summary, I said to myself "they are probably using an absorptive layer to do the phase changes." I read it, and... yup... gold. This means it will respond very strongly to wavelength. However, if they are trying to make lenses for lasers, it will probably do just fine.


Novell already said that Linux does not infringe on UNIX copyrights. It would be pretty hard for someone to buy the copyrights with that out there and then turn around and say "oh... wait... we bought it from people who said Linux didn't violate UNIX Copyrights... but after we bought it we changed our minds."

Comment Adjustable (Score 1) 262

My office has an adjustable, motorized desk. When I work I can sit, or stand. And switching back and forth is good.

However, please note that you should not maintain any posture static for an extended period of time. Make sure to take micro- and macro breaks, and walk away from the desk every once in a while. This is critical if you do long hours. I would recommend looking into an ergo timer such as the open source Workrave.

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