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Comment Re:Worse than BPL (Score 1) 197

I thought the whole point to discontinuing analog TV service and freeing up that bandwidth was to provided wide area Internet. *facepalm*

The point to discontinuing analog TV service was to be able to sell off bandwidth to private companies who wanted it and were lobbying for it. Just another case of Americans being sold out again by their government.

Comment what is the issue? (Score 1) 211

Copyright is released as long as this work or excerpts is properly attributed. Also, any published excerpts cannot be copyrighted by other parties, nor can the original work in its entirety.

Look, copyright is NOT an all inclusive thing. That's what fair use is about. Excerpts, properly attributed, are FAIR USE. Why are you even worrying about this stuff? Sounds like you are trying to overcomplicate your life.

Comment Re:Only 3D (Score 1) 330

yeah close... a p3 800-something, you guessed the ram and were close to the hard disk space (40 GB). Fully functional battery, and it does everything i need it to (which is why I can't bring myself to plunk down $300-700 for a newer netbook/laptop). I hear what you are saying (really) but it's honestly VERY nice to be able to use old hardware when it can be used, and it just seems a shame to abandon working code.

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