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Comment Re:The 'data centre' is obsolete for most users (Score 1) 210

Um, have you ever worked for a major corporation? I've worked on and seen the (multiple) data centers for Fortune 500 sized companies from banks, airlines, retail, government, and others. The sheer amount of legacy systems, multiple use systems, heterogeneous realities, political and financial realities... All of these necessitate a 'data center'.

Yes, what was called a 'data center' 20 years ago is certainly not what it is today, nor what it will be in 20 more years, but there will always be a need to centralize a certain percentage of computing resources.

Cloud computing is over-hyped, and for various security, political and financial reasons doesn't fit every business model.


Submission + - Carbon transistors to bring you a supercomputer? (

An anonymous reader writes: Silicon is so 20th century: enter carbon transistors which promise to turn every computer into a supercomputer. Carbon transistors are 10,000 times faster, way smaller, super lower power and offer the advantages of both silicon and gallium arsenide in a single semiconductor process. Manufacturing carbon transistors is difficult, but now researchers say they have perfected a cheap, easy "stamping" technique using graphene--atomically thin layers of carbon atoms--derived from blocks of readily available graphite.

Comment Anyone asking about the data quality / validity? (Score 1) 82

So Amazon says: We'll host the raw data for your study! I say: who vouches for the validity of the data set itself? I understand that some of the sets are already publicly available, but that doesn't mean all. Will Amazon provide information on who/where the datasets came from? If I can't trust my data set, then I can't trust my results...
The Internet

Big Six UK ISPs Capitulate To Music Industry 317

Barence writes "Britain's six leading internet providers have signed a Government-led agreement to stamp out illegal music file sharing. The six providers — BT, Virgin Media, Orange, Tiscali, Sky and Carphone Warehouse — will implement a series of measures against those found to be file sharing. Offenders may find their internet connection is throttled, or may even have their traffic 'filtered' to prevent media files from being downloaded. The ISPs are reportedly reluctant to impose the BPI's preferred 'three strikes and you're out' approach of cutting off users' broadband connections."

Most Bank Websites Are Insecure 269

Anonymous writes "More than three-quarters of bank Web sites have design flaws that could expose bank customers to financial loss or identity theft, according to a University of Michigan study that will be presented this week at the Symposium on Usable Security and Privacy. The study, 'Analyzing Web Sites For User-Visible Security Design Flaws,' examined 214 bank Web sites in 2006. It was conducted by University of Michigan computer science professor Atul Prakash and doctoral students Laura Falk and Kevin Borders."

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