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Comment finally got in last night (Score 2) 102

The bottleneck is at the point of where you make your first connection to the online service. Everyone is required to do a set of tutorial missions before joining the real servers.

They have it setup like an mmo where the missions are instances. Once you FINALLY get past the tutorial there are almost no problems. In fact, the lobbies I played in where not even full.

That first tutorial instance is the problem.

Comment Re:I'd be sorry (Score 4, Informative) 496

Of course, there are things that don't apply too. ... Big Brother ... had perfect propaganda in place. I am very skeptical such a thing does or could exist today.

Maybe you are not a US citizen. If so, have you ever heard of Fox News? and how their messages are aligned with their print and radio distribution channels?

... nor can they rewrite history.

Maybe you are not paying attention

Comment Re:Useless (Score 2) 87

Look at it this way: one guy invented peanut butter...while some other guy was working on forward to the future and we have delicious peanut butter cups.

I am glad they are perfecting this aspect. When the AI is smart enough (and compact enough), it will have a suitable container to be put into.

On that day we will welcome or new robotic overlords (or sexy fembots).

Comment Re:Two dead men arguing with each other (Score 2) 52

You bring up a point I don't seem to hear from any pundits or industry watchers (though I don't listen very hard either).

The excitement around facebook and mobile gaming is starting to drain on people. The smart phone revolution is over. People have gotten used to the new shiny and are starting to go back to their former entertainment.

When my mom says she is tired of the farm games and tired of facebook (of which only a year ago she would never spend more than a few minutes away from), thats when I know they are on a downhill slide. ....probably to a stable point, but definately not the peak they saw when it was all new tech to the 'non nerds'.

Submission + - First Drone Successfully Lands On Aircraft Carrier (

redletterdave writes: Salty Dog 502 flew from the Patuxent River Naval Station in Maryland to the USS George H.W. Bush operating off the Virginian coast, but unlike other drones, Salty Dog was piloted entirely by computer without a human operator. The unmanned operation is considered one of the most difficult operations due to navigating the air and a moving ship, and many have said itâ(TM)s a major milestone in the development of drone warfare. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus described the event as witnessing the future and compared it to the first manned aircraft landed on a carrier in 1911.

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