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Comment Re:What matters? (Score 1) 358

Ok, so how do you retrieve your photos that you stored on that 8inch floppy disk... 10 years from now?

That is a gross exageration but is an anaolgy to the point of the article. Without proper protections, all the information, notes, white papers, studies, etc will be useless if there doesn't exist technology that can read it.

In a worst case scenario how would humankind rebuild and not forget what was previously learned (e.g. dark ages we already experienced).

Comment Re:Parent's should be monitor their kids (Score 1) 559

facebook ... really have no way of telling if people are using real names & real ages

Sure they do. It doesn't seem to be a problem for credit card companies. Even Gmail seems to want an active phone line before setting up a simple email account. The reality is Facebook turns a blind eye to underage users. Those children are Facebook's bread-n-butter. I am still shocked they haven't been hit with fines or sanctions for continually violating the U.S. federal law that states people under 13 (or is it 14?)can't be monitored online.

Parents should be monitor their kids

Easier said, than done. Without paid body guards it is impossible to monitor someone 24/7.

Comment Re:facebook is an american company (Score 5, Insightful) 559

i feel bad for the girl being bullied but i dont blame anyone for their death who kills themselves except for them

Fuck you and your ivory tower. Having been bullied to the point of considering suicide several times when I was a kid, I can tell you without a doubt, the bullies are accessories to the death. A human can only take so much abuse before they crack; juvenille minds even more so.

I have zero tolerence for bullies. They should be treated like criminals.

Comment Maybe a twist on the old saying (Score 1) 274

There is a saying the goes something like "don't attribute to malice which can be explained by stupidity".

I wonder if their decision is based on my twist on that saying "don't attribute to kindness that which can be explained by avoiding liability and bad press". Perhaps they dont want to be caught showing ads to the first person who gets hit by a bus because his/her focus was on the display watching a sexy ad and not the world around them?

Comment I dont expect this to live long (Score 1) 110

I am a long time gamer and hardware/software nerd. I like the idea of a new console, but this not live long. I just dont see a market. The big three have their new consoles coming out which means the previous gen will be around $100.

They need to come out of the gate with must have games that all the kids talk about.If they dont get some pro developers on board the oyu will die a quick death. Games sell consoles, not the other way around.

Comment Forcing old world views on the new world? (Score 2, Insightful) 124

I could just be ill informed, but why do pundits, media, and government officials keep trying to push the idea that you need giant military organizations to lauch an attack (ala nuclear weapon building).

Is it not completely possible that one intelligent man, $300 laptop, and an internet connection be just as "deadly" as any country's electronic warfare unit?

And why this old relic of an idea of a cold war. I am sure that there are many individual actors that are in active attack mode.

Comment Re:Last time I buy any EA product then... (Score 1) 303

Will people have to pay real world money to get a full set of clubs

They already do this. See my comment below about the "trading cards" system. In the EA hockey game there is another mode called "be a pro". Yes, if you want to get better equipment or stats you have to purchase with real money or use the hard to earn in-game points.

Comment Re:Umm... Ok. (Score 2) 303

but that's what we've gotten ourselves into

The digial age started in the 1950's. What we have here is greed. The blood suckers smell fresh meat. And people like you just roll over and take it. It's not the digital age coming, its the apathy and ignorance of the populous.

I know you are tyring to be fair, but your comment enrages me.

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