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Comment Re:What this is really about. (Score 1) 423

> They will never stop until they get either everyone dead, what they want

Are you normally this psychotic, or just on thursdays? Why would "they" want everyone dead? "They" want you alive and paying rent...for everything. "They" have a need to try to achieve perpetual and infinite growth.

As any virus will tell you, ... you don't survive by killing your host.

Submission + - PPTP works on Android (

Belial6 writes: One of my ongoing complaints with Android has been that from very early on, it has included PPTP in the OS, but it never worked. Every time I got a new version of the OS, I would again try to connect to my DD-WRT router, and every time it would fail. I would search the internet for an answer, and from all of search results it appeared that PPTP VPN was just broken in Android. Worse yet, it looked like it was something that was never going to be fixed. It looks like I have the problem is that DNS breaks VPN on Android. I have now tested a Nexus 7, an HTC G2 and a Nexus One. They all work if I put in the IP address directly, and they all fail if I try to resolve the IP via DNS. Has anyone else tried this?

Submission + - Google Donates $20,000 to Eclipse Foundation (

An anonymous reader writes: In response to user's concerns about performance issues on the latest Eclipse release, Google’s Open Source Programs Office has agreed to make a $20,000 donation to the Eclipse Foundation so they can setup a dedicated performance testing lab.

Considering Google ships Eclipse with every copy of their Android development kit, improving it means happier Android developers. Will improvements to Eclipse increase Android adoption rate among developers?

Comment Re:Teachers (Score 2) 110

Are you seriously complaining that teaches ONLY work 53 hours a week? Are you sick in the head?

You seem to making the argument that working 50-100 hours per week should be the goal of every Citizen. Screw that. I want to enjoy life with my family. You can work your 100hrs/week. Enjoy that heart attack at age 45 and leave teachers alone.

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