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Comment Re:Unbelievable. (Score 5, Insightful) 561

I was right there with you until: 'just because you buy the hardware, you think you have the privilege to install what you want'.

what!!! What has happened to this world?! I bought it. If I want to install DOS 6.2 on it, that is nobody's business but mine. I cant believe the corporations have managed to convince people like you otherwise.

Comment Re:Modern Luddites (Score 4, Insightful) 544

"whether or not we should reduce the work week's duration and increase paid vacation time"

That is such a ridiculous statement. Oh yes, my work week will be shortened; along with my paycheck.

What fantasy land do you live in where corporations value the happiness of their employees? Or to be more blunt, openly willing to spend more on paid vacation time? It took unions to get fair pay for workers and look what is happening to them. Do you honestly think a company will waste profits on its employees without being forced to?

Comment Pretty cool (Score 2) 60

I love seeing images like these. I wish some clever astronomer or graphics guru would make a 'flip book' type of image (think those old layered plastic anatomy pictures in encyclopedias) where each layer contains the galaxies at a certain distance.

That way you could see the evolution, or a qasi-3d image of what hubble is seeing.

Comment Cool (Score 2) 125

I am sure there will be many posts about 'big brother' and the evils of the government, but I have to say....cool.

I have always been interested in robotics. This is just amazing to me. We have moved so fast (in regards to computing), I can only imagine what will be common place in the next decade.

p.s. It would be awesome if they posted the algorithms they used for this. I won't hold my breath.

Comment Re:You cynical bastards can say what you want... (Score 1) 79

Well said. I was in the same boat. My friends and I would go over every page, digesting and absorbing every photo and every screen shot. The world seems so much cooler when you are a kid.

I think that is part of why we 30-somethings feel a small bit of sadness to see Nintendo Power go. It's not because we loved the magazine (who still has a subscription, really). We feel a tinge of sadness because it is a cold reminder that our childhood is forever gone.

my .02

Comment Re:sorry, done (Score 1) 295

What archaic hardware are you trying to run it on? I am so old that I remember the hours(!) it took to get my sound card working on FreeBSD in the 90's.

I recently installed Mint on this old Dell desktop with no problems at all; including a newish ATI graphics card. No headaches, no compiling of utilities or messing with X.

I don't give any credence to your argument. I have been in the trenches with *nix for almost two decades. Mint won me over from Suse, who I thought was the most user friendly.

Comment Sounds like FUD (Score 4, Interesting) 123

From the article: "probably the most destructive attack that the private sector has seen to date" ... and then "Saudi oil operations were unaffected by the computer outage". Wow, that is truly destructive.

Then there is this nugget "American consumers could suffer because of an incident involving an oil company that they know little about and is located thousands of miles away".... so hasn't that been the case for the last, what, 30 years?

Comment Re:What this is really about. (Score 1) 423

> They will never stop until they get either everyone dead, what they want

Are you normally this psychotic, or just on thursdays? Why would "they" want everyone dead? "They" want you alive and paying rent...for everything. "They" have a need to try to achieve perpetual and infinite growth.

As any virus will tell you, ... you don't survive by killing your host.

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