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Comment Re:153 GOP voted to default (Score 1) 999

The US National Debt is held in T-Bonds (Treasury Bonds) as the video discusses. If we reduced Government spending to less then the Tax Revenue, then the Surplus each year could be used to purchase back the T-Bonds, thus lowering the National Debt. Or could be held to fund next years governmental spending so new T-Bonds would not need to be issued.

Could this be done over night? No. But over time (10, 15, 30 years)? sure.

Of course, this brings up a major issue - If 16 Trillion isn't being held in T-Bonds and is pushed back out into the Markets, suddenly the value of circulating dollars would drop. This would probably be a bigger problem then the National Debt.

Comment Re:well, that is the point. (Score 1) 999

What do you call assuming people who can't work are people who wont work? Retarded or Republican?

Also, How does paying for people who DO WORK, but don't make near enough to pay for health insurance factor in? That is what the ACA primarily takes care of - expanding Medicaid to cover the "working poor".

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