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Comment Re:started in the 1960s (Score 1) 179

yeah, on the slim chance that anyone is thinking of taking the GP's absolutely will not work. The only way I would trust to beat a urine test is to not give them your urine. Which is possible if it is a private sector test and you are clever. Is not as easy for the military ones (some poor bastard has to stand there and watch you piss from my understanding.)

Comment Re:Titan of its generation (and replaced too early (Score 1) 146

Do you believe in "patriotic" buying? I suspect a lot of people do, as evidenced by the PS3's advantage in Japan and the 360's in the US (while Europe remains a dead heat).

While I have no doubt that it matters to a significant percentage of Japanese gamers that the PS3 is made by a Japanese company...I don't believe for a second that any significant percentage of Americans give a damn that MS is an American company and got their Xbox because of that. Most likely IMO? Someone wanted to play some flavor of Halo because their buddies all played it...then, that was the console that they had, and there was no reason to get another one.

Comment Re:We are the 30% (Score 1) 724

or should I say "think that they will require".

Hah. I love the phrase "so-and-so is really good with excel". How in the fuck can you not be good with excel? If you can't get it to do what you want by figuring it out or just googling probably don't really need it anyway.

Ah well, I guess the stupid people need things to do at work also.

Comment Re:Uh, nice try (Score 1) 670

If you ever wonder why the burger-flipper behind the counter at McDonalds sneezed in your burger, this is also why.

In the foodservice industry in the US, they probably don't get any paid time off at all (unless things have changed since 25 years ago when I was in it). So, their options are to call in and not be paid, incur the wrath of their manager (do it too many times and you will either be fired or won't get any hours), or just suck it up and go in.

I agree that it is stupid, but it's how it goes.

Comment Re:Uh, nice try (Score 1) 670

I ride a bicycle to work year round in the midwest. There are only a few days a year where I just can't ride in (and it isn't from the temp, it's from ice). I will be 40 soon and also never get sick.

I have zero science behind it. But I firmly believe, as you do, that regular fresh air...even if it gets cold in the winter where you a big part of not getting sick. It isn't that it gets cold that makes you's that it gets cold and you stop going outside for any length of time. (This is all just my opinion).

Comment Re:There was a Crysis 2? (Score 1) 182

They stand to make way more money just churning out cookie cutter console versions than they do putting the dev time into an uber high end engine that only $1500 PC's can run.

I have the same i7 dual HD5870's machine I built over 2 years ago...and I don't think I am going to need to upgrade until the next gen consoles come out....and maybe not even then :(

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