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Comment Re:Humans Co-evolved with Dogs! (Score 1) 181

Very early on in the process of dogs coming out of may have been more about natural selection. (Maybe) Early man only allowed the wolves that were tame to hang around...and it was beneficial for the tamer wolves. It seems when you select for get more than just that as you go along. I am sure everyone has already heard of ths.

Comment Re:Ancient Chinese wisdom (Score 1) 323

A dollar wasted on this boondoggle is a dollar not spent on their military.

I don't know if the signal that they are building this is a good thing or a bad thing. That is an awful lot of money to spend on a project that you cannot currently, and will not be able to for the forseeable future, protect.

Does it mean that they don't feel they need to...or that by the time it is done they will be able to?

Comment Re:I bet... (Score 1) 123

My 5th grade teacher was vehemently against some of the language of the Midwestern kids that came thru his classroom. Thanks to him I stopped saying ain't, warsh, 'at instead of that, 's when it wasn't plural...etc. "Duct" tape not "duck" tape was one of his peeves. Years later when I heard what you said above...I so wanted to track him down and tell him. But I have promised not to be that kind of an asshole anymore. One day at a time.

Comment Re:Geotarding? (Score 1) 153

I had an iphone until someone relieved me of it several months back. I don't think I am going to get another fancyphone, but that is another story...

I do still have an ipad though. If I don't know where I am going, I usually look it up on google maps before I leave, then take the ipad with me. If I am looking for an address...I don't notice a difference. If I am looking for a starbucks on the way...I have learned that (at least in my medium sized city) the apple maps will piss you off.

I would wager that google maps would do the same from time to time...and that any time it happens on an iDevice, people are just quicker to blame the maps.

Comment Re:Paying off for whom? (Score 1) 117

I am from the same town as John Schnatter. I ate papa john's pizza when there was one "store" in the back of a somewhat crappy bar. It was great. Over the years I would usually always try to get PJ's whenever pizza was being ordered out of hometown loyalty (I guess).

Having said that, papa john's is not much better than little caesar's is nowadays. It is terrible, terrible mall pizza.

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