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Comment Re:Conspiracy! (Score 1) 659

The description of every office visit CPT code (which is what I was talking about) ends "Typically, X minutes are spent face-to-face with the patient and/or family."

If you billed a code that should "typically" take 40 minutes, and you didn't speak to me for more than 5, you are almost certainly billing the wrong code.

Comment Re:Conspiracy! (Score 3, Interesting) 659

Not only see what the price is, see what they told your insurance company they did. It is rampant to bill a longer office visit (the time that the Dr is actually speaking to/examining you) than what actually happened. I will generally give them the benefit of the doubt, but if they rush in/rush out and then bill my insurance a code saying they spent about 25 minutes with me....I have to call and complain. I have high deductible insurance...I have to pay it.

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 976

I am curious to conduct an experiment on this. What does someone have to do at a light/stop sign to get a negative response from someone in a car watching?

Example, if you ride thru in a car....yes that is very dangerous to all and everyone would disapprove. If you walk thru...would not get a response from most (I suppose) because that is only dangerous to that person...and since nobody wants to be hit by a car you assume that they can see there is no car coming (even though this is still against the rules). On a bike....the same rules apply that do to the person walking, you might scratch someone's paint but you are really only putting yourself at risk. However, I suspect that the bicyclist would make more people angry.

Since I don't think that we are naturally wired to dislike people on bicycles, there has to be another reason why. Probably that there is a small percentage of cyclists who act like complete douchebags when they get on the road? I wonder how close that number is to the number of people in cars who do the exact same thing?

Full disclosure. I commute by bike. If I can see that nobody is coming...I am riding thru. I live in a medium/small city with a very small downtown area...if I lived in a larger city I would certainly take another look at that strategy.

Comment Re:Not as strange as it sounds (Score 1) 976

Pedal, coast. Pedal, coast. Pedal, coast.

I commute by bike every day. It has to be pretty windy from the right (wrong) direction for me to breathe much harder than I would be if I were walking. Some people want to show everyone how into cycling they are and what great shape they are in (in which case, they probably aren't breathing that hard either).....but some of us are just "pedal pedal coast, pedal pedal coast"ing to work.

Comment Re:Actually... I'm glad. (Score 5, Informative) 321

You probably use FF because you just like it more in general. But in case anyone wants to know.

Type chrome:plugins in the address bar to open the Plug-ins page.
On the Plug-ins page that appears, find the "Flash" listing.
To enable Adobe Flash Player, click the Enable link under its name.
To disable Adobe Flash Player completely, click the Disable link under its name.

Comment Re:Barbara Streisand Effect? (Score 1) 700

They couldn't prove damages because of the episode. I thought that even Clarkson came out and said he wished the episode had gone differently. Top Gear is a great show, the second best car show behind Leno's garage (seriously). But, the bits they do aren't exactly reality is pure entertainment.

Having said that....this seems like Tesla are being crybabies.

Comment Re:Banking passwords are overrated (Score 2) 195

I outsmarted myself when I was young and ran into this. Maybe the angriest I have ever been with another person. She thought so too, because the cops showed up very quickly to escort me out. I thought I heard something about a bank(s) getting into trouble over this a while back (several years)?

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