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Comment Re:Tile All? (Score 1) 255

Ugh. This, a thousand times this! Nothing worse than having multiple screens and the gall to want to look at two spreadsheets side by side. But no, Excel is a stupid MDI app -- which BTW ranks high in the stupidest ideas EVER -- so SUFFER!! Even worse, once you "hack" it, if you deign to have macros in your PERSONAL.XLS file, it'll bother you endlessly about overwriting it until you get fed up and make it read-only. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

Comment Re:Power steering isn't a safety feature. (Score 1) 658

How many people can really compete with an ABS. I wouldn't expect it to be many (1% would be my guess).

It's probably less than that, at least once you remove all the deluded "I'm the bestest drivers evar!!11!" folks. A lot of the anti-ABS arguments seem to rely on "sufficiently skilled drivers" which is utterly ridiculous.

Wish I had a link to that study which showed how people tend to overestimate their skill at various tasks even to the point of denying their utter incompetence.

Comment Re:Power steering isn't a safety feature. (Score 1) 658

this can be true, but you seem to be assuming that drivers are trained and have skills .

Not only that, but he's also assuming that even well trained drivers always have optimal response times, other variables aren't coming in to play, etc.

Without ABS you need to be able to judge the exact amount of pressure to stop the car

Which is exactly why ABS is useful, because only the most arrogant of "good drivers" really thinks they can do this correctly, all of the time.

This kind of stuff is why I chuckle at the "well I'm an good driver," partly because everyone seems to think that, and partly because their petty arrogance makes them eschew safety features just because "I'm so damn good." Added safety features (even if they have certain trade offs) are always a good thing, deluded jackasses not-withstanding.

Comment Re:Power steering isn't a safety feature. (Score 1) 658

Only those who think that getting to work 20 seconds sooner is important. If you are following at 60 MPH with 1 car length, you are an accident waiting to happen.

While this may be true, it doesn't really discredit the GP's point. Just because I, as the worlds best and most safest driver, do my best to keep as many car lengths as possible between me and the car in front, it doesn't mean all the other jackasses who are trying to get to work 20 seconds sooner aren't going to start doing things that impact my safety which are beyond my control!

Just the act of driving means you're an accident waiting to happen. No matter how defensively you drive you cannot predict, nor stop, other drivers from doing unsafe things, and sooner or later someone else's unsafe behavior is going to impact you. That's not to say that there isn't any point in defensive driving habits, but trying to pretend that anyone who gets in an accident wasn't driving properly is foolish.

Comment Re:Most important (Score 1) 409

This is the same Dart that compiles down to JavaScript, yes? If anything they've invested so heavily into Dart because it rounds off some of those nasty little corners and edge cases folk are always bitching about W.R.T. JavaScript. So Google could re-write Gmail entirely in Dart and it would end up being compiled into JavaScript, taking it's fair place amongst the rest of "web 2.0." Does that make Google a "non-JavaScript shop"? Possibly, but in the end it's JavaScript, all the way down.

The lay of the land at this time is JavaScript as the WWW/HTML scripting language, no matter how you want to dress it up. Is is perfect? Nope. Are there initiatives out there to work around the perceived issues with the language? Yep. So until the Python Gods smile upon web browsers everywhere and release us from our JavaScript bondage, we'll just keep working around the problems laid upon us by our forebears. As for JavaScript... it ain't going anywhere fast.

Comment Re:Well. this will be a first... (Score 1) 409

.... The citizens of a country should have sovereign reign over the government, not the other way around.

Yep, but unfortunately that cute little idea they had in the Enlightenment? How's that working out again? Oh, you mean power is doing what it always has done and always will? I'm always hearing the word sheeple bandied about and it seems to me that people (or some majority thereof) have always been, and always will be apathetic and ignorant of the shit power does. The only reason that all those high flown Enlightenment ideas seemed to work so much better in the past is because like any corpse (this one being stillborn) it takes time to decay (power being the maggots that aid in said decay). All our grandiose ideas about liberty and sovereign citizens are practically dirt by now, and thus the status quo of unrestrained power is just about restored.

Not saying I like it, just calling it like I see it.

Comment Re:Elitism (Score 2) 688

This is pretty much exactly what I was going to say, but I wasn't about to do it so politely. Who hasn't had that boss who thinks that because he once worked as a trainer in a group that did Java work and puzzled out god awful VBScript and perl scripts while creating an abomination of a MySQL database where everything is a string, but we can't change anything because hey, it works (for some values of "work").

In other words, until you've supported (and god help you had to modify) the hoary abominations cultivated by these "self-trained" deciples of the Elder Gods, you really haven't any cause think that the bitterness directed at these "teach yerself to code" websites as anything more than the the resigned realization that now there are even more imbeciles devoted to ruining your life that it is.

TL;DR: If you're to goddamned stupid to come to the realization that your abortion of a VBScript ASP classic "website" is slow because your're executing a query in a tight loop based on an ID you retrieved from a previous query that you could have trivially retrieved all at once in a single query then maybe, just maybe, you're too goddamned stupid to be programming. Furthermore, when you refuse to acknowledge that that very same website does absolutely no validation on input and it's breaking the bloody fucking things you wanted ME to develop because "it works", but if I forget to validate some obscure edge case you jump down my throat... then maybe you're just a douche bag as well.

P.S. Sorry, got a little ranty there... wish I'd submitted some of that shit to The Daily WTF.

Comment Re:Whats the big deal? (Score 1) 688

Well to be fair, they didn't exactly delete it... they obfusticated it and then no-one bothered to implement it. That being said, I guess it amounts to deleting it, doesn't it?

I've spent some time in the HTML trenches and my take on the whole thing is to hell with XHTML, use the original HTML properties when they make sense and the CSS rules everywhere else. Then again, I was lucky (relatively speaking) I was working on an intranet project (my idiot boss insisted on IE9, even though no-one used it so I targeted Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and put in IE kludges when he noticed the site wasn't working right in his useless fucking excuse of a browser)

Did I mention I'm no longer employed at that company? Funny that. Bunch of useless gits, the lot of em.

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