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Comment Re:Ethics for veggies (Score 1) 260

It is a misconception. What you have found is that good veggie food is not as common as it should be. This may be more a problem in the U.S. Good veggie food is quite common in Europe, and if you ever visit India (where the majority of the population is veggie) I promise your taste-buds will be blown away!

Comment Re:Ethics for veggies (Score 1) 260

Yes, I agree. When I used to eat meat I had all the usual suspects, but have never tried kangaroo or crocodile or dozens of other things that people eat. If lab-grown meat was ever made that could mimic these accurately, i might try it out of interest. What I'm saying is that although this 'meat' is probably technically veggie I see no point in me eating it as it's the same as things I've tried and decided I don't want, that's all.

Comment Re:Ethics for veggies (Score 1) 260

Yup, no bacon for 40 years, and not missed at all. There is a common mis-conception amongst carnivores that a meal has to contain meat to be tasty. This is complete nonesense, but unfortunately prejudice and ignorance prevent many people from even investigating this fact with an open mind.
@ 1st A/C - my tastebuds are fine thanks, and are stimulated frequently :)
@ A/C No2 - As for the 'New Fruit', well of course I'd try it. I am a keen explorer of flavour and am more than willing to try new foods (providing they are veggie ;) ) which is one of the reasons I never find food boring.

Comment Ethics for veggies (Score 3, Interesting) 260

As a vegetarian for the last 40-odd years this would certainly pose an ethical question for me - could I eat it?
Probably yes, as it's not a part of the corpse of an animal and presumably no animal has suffered or been exploited in its manufacture. But in practice no, because What's the Point!? I ate meat until my late teens and don't miss it at all. I enjoy a very tasty, healthy and nutritious diet and that's what really matters.

Comment Re:Exciting (Score 1) 202

Likewise. I'd assumed that the move towards Unity was aimed at the 'future' ie tablets etc, and that the desktop was yesterday and was to be sidelined. Ubuntu seem to be totally lost at sea now, with what I see as a troubled tablet UI (Unity) and a rejected and stagnant desktop UI.

Comment Re:Decline of western civilisation (Score 4, Insightful) 609

We are not witnessing the decline of Western Civilisation, what we are seeing is the decline of a once-great Nation that has badly lost its way.
The financial problems of the US (and consequently the rest of the World) were caused by greed and stupidity - banks lending too much money to people who had no realistic prospect of paying off the loans, which in turn became 'toxic' debts.
The US has also got itself into the ridiculous situation of pissing-off half the World and as a result is now commited to spending un-sustainable ammounts of money on the Military.
As for science and science spending (which this thread is supposed to be about), well what do you expect. In a Nation where it seems half the population don't believe in Global Warming and the other half don't believe in Evolution, and science/technology is based on patenting curved corners then profiting from the resultant litigation, what chance does 'real' science stand?

Comment Re:No comments on oolite yet? (Score 2) 173

Sorry, I was too busy playing Oolite to read /. for a while :P
The thing about Oolite is the customisation can make the 'Ooniverse' into pretty much any kind of experience you want to.
And as for the lack of instructions, well you get a reference sheet with the (free, open source) download, and the Wiki is excellent as is the Forum.

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